Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Balkanistica: The Banff Papers

By Donald L. Dyer

Balkanistica – 2010. This volume, at 415 pages, contains fifteen articles. This is a special conference volume with papers from the 16th Balkan Conference on Balkan and South Slavic Linguistics, Literatures and Folklore, held in April of 2008 in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Publication Information: Volume Co-Editors: Donald L. Dyer, Olga Mladenova and Tom Priestly. General Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) byThe University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

(1) “AB OVO: When OVO and OVO Are Different,” Bojan Belić (pp. 1-20)

(2) “Syntactic Studies in Burgenland Croatian: The Order of Clitics,” Wayles Browne (pp. 21-42)

(3) “The Grammaticalization of the habere-Perfect in Standard Macedonian,” Eleni Bužarovska and Liljana Mitkovska (pp. 43-66)

(4) “Xhorxh, xhuxhmaxhuxh and the xhaxhallerë: The Xenophonemic Status of Albanian /xh/,” Matthew C. Curtis (pp. 67-96)

(5) “On Sacred Time in Balkan Languages: The Lexicon of the Popular Calendar Feast,” Ute Dukova (pp. 97-106)

(6) “Turkish Grammar in Balkan Romani: Hierarchies of Markedness in Balkan Linguistics.” Victor A. Friedman (pp. 107-24)

(7) “The Status of Romanian ia in Imperative Clauses,” Virginia Hill (pp. 125-42)

(8) “Elusive Evidentials in Translation: An Analysis of One Folklore Text,” Maksim M. Makartsev (pp. 143-80)

(9) “From Linguistic Geography toward Areal Linguistics: A Case Study of Tomatoes in the Eastern Balkans,” Darina Mladenova (pp. 181-236)

(10) “Modern Bulgarian ta,” Olga Mladenova (pp. 237-66)

(11) “On the Diffusion of Romanian mai in Ukrainian Dialects,” Tom Priestly (pp. 267-84)

(12) “The Non-Concordant Neuter l-Perfect in South Slavic: General Typology and Constructions Involving Human Experiencers and Patients,” Joseph Schallert (pp. 285-332)

(13) “Cross-Linguistic Variation in the Temporal Domain: The Meaning of Tense in Bulgarian and Albanian,” Anastasia Smirnova (pp. 333-60)

(14) “Serbo-Croatian as a Bridge between the Balkan and Central European Sprachbünde,” George Thomas (pp. 371-88)

(15) “Nominal and Clausal Clitics Expressing Possession in the Balkan Languages.” Olga Mišeška Tomic (pp. 389-415)