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Current Graduate Students

Additional Links for Currently Enrolled Students:

The University of Mississippi Graduate School Current Student webpage.

The reading lists for the comprehensive exams:

Recently admitted graduate students may find useful information here:

German graduate students beginning before the Fall of 2014 may choose either of these two lists:
German MA Reading List for students beginning before Fall 2014
German MA Reading List for students beginning Fall semester 2014 and after

For Spanish graduate students, those beginning in the Fall of 2013 and after must use the following lists, and must read both literature and linguistics, but how many texts depends on their choice of literature or linguistics:

Spanish MA linguistics list for both literature and linguistics students

Spanish MA literature list for literature students

Spanish MA literature list for linguistics students

Beginning French, German and Spanish graduate students are required to meet standards of oral proficiency in their language. The following description of the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) may be helpful:

Description of the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)


The University of Mississippi offers an alternate route to teacher certification for secondary schools. For more information, please go to the Teach Mississippi Institute on campus.

Please visit the Mississippi Foreign Language Association, for links to professional associations in languages represented in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Foreign Languages Association website features information on the MFLA and its annual conference.

The Modern Language Association ( is a national organization for all modern languages and has a great deal of information on its website. Recently the MLA published a report on the status of languages in the U.S. It stresses the importance of language learning and reacts to recent cutbacks in language programs.