Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

General Comments on Balkanistica Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts submitted to Balkanistica for consideration of publication should involve one of the countries represented on the map below: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, or the successor states to the former Yugoslavia.


Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to: anthropology, archaeology, culture, economics, education, history, language and linguistics, literature, political science, sociology, or any kind of comparative or contrastive study of two or more countries and/or disciplines.

Manuscripts submitted to Balkanistica should be submitted as email attachments. Authors should attempt to hide their identities, to the extent possible.

All manuscripts should be submitted in a form which stylistically follows generally-accepted styles of the involved discipline. Upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication, the Editor will work closely with the author to ensure for appropriate formatting and style. The author will be assisted by the Editor in final manuscript preparation.

The following are answers to commonly asked questions concerning manuscript style.  Authors should consider following these suggestions at the earliest stages of manuscript preparation.

* Use Smart (curly) quotes. * Title (rank) abbreviations written out in full (e.g., Professor instead of Prof.). * Publication titles generally use Title Case (non-LSA style). * Use long dashes. * Add space to both sides of long dashes. * Publication titles should be italicized. * Page numbers for citations in text and in bibliographies like this: 291-97 (not 291-297). * Headings have title case and no periods but are in italics. * Glosses in indented examples have single-open and -closed smart quotes. Concomitantly, single quotes within double-quotes have double quotes. * Latin abbreviations thus:,i.e., but etc. * There is no space between the year and page number(s) of a citation. * There is no space between two single-character initials of one’s name (V.I. Lenin). * “Numerically-named” centuries used instead of “word-named” (19th, instead of nineteenth). * One space placed before each elipse. * Successive entries for the same author in the References sections use a line. * South Slavic Cyrillic transcription uses [h]; North Slavic uses [x]. * All “end” punctuation is non-italicized.