University of Mississippi

German Faculty

  • fi-Goldblatt

    Dylan Goldblatt

    Instructor of German
    Ph.D., University of Virginia
    Office: E-104 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-1980 | ndgold at

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    Melissa Ondrovcik

    Instructor of German
    M.A., University of Massachusetts
    Office: E-212 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-1980 | mjondrov at


    Corina L. Petrescu

    Associate Professor of German and Director of the Basic German Language Program
    Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Dr. Petrescu’s research interests include National Socialist Germany, representations of 1968 in the German and Romanian imaginary, transcultural literature, German-Jewish relations from the 18th century to the present, and East-European Yiddish theater.
    Office: E-208 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7716 | petrescu at


    Christopher D. Sapp

    Associate Professor of German and Linguistics
    Ph.D., Indiana University
    Dr. Sapp’s research interests include the historical morphology and syntax of German, language acquisition and Scandinavian linguistics
    Office: E-211B Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7664 | csapp at

    Graduate Teaching Assistants

    David Higginbotham

    Daivd Higginbotham

    Teaching Assistant in Spanish
    Office: C-007 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-1295 | dhigginb at

    Anna Velezheva

    Anna Velezheva

    Teaching Assistant in German and Intensive English
    Office: C-115 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7298 | avelezhe at