University of Mississippi

German M.A. Courses


Two Master of Arts programs are available; in each, a comprehensive oral and written examination is required, based on an approved reading list and courses pursued. The first option requires 24 hours of graduate level work, a thesis, and at least nine hours in an minor field. The second option require 36 hours of graduate level work with no thesis required. Up to twelve hours in a minor field may be taken with the approval of the Graduate Advisor.

Courses Offered:

GERM 571. Advanced Grammar and Composition.

GERM 572. German Phonetics and Phonology.

GERM 574. History of the German Language.

GERM 575. Topics in Applied Linguistics.

GERM 577. Survey of German Literature and Culture I.

GERM 578. Survey of German Literature and Culture II.

GERM 584. The Age of Goethe.

GERM 585. Nineteenth Century German LIterature.

GERM 586. Twentieth-Century Germ.

GERM 587. German Fairy Tales.

GERM 593. Topics in Cultural Studies.

GERM 598. Graduate German Study Abroad. (1-9).

GERM 599. Special Topics.

GERM 671. Research Methods.

GERM 672. Research and Practice in Classroom Second Language Acquisition.

GERM 673. Seminar.