Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Hurry! There is still time to apply to the UM Intensive Arabic program for 2013.


The Arabic Language Program is designed to bring undergraduate students (including those without a background in Arabic) to the Superior proficiency level within a five-year time span. While far from impossible, this presents a demanding and intense challenge that all students must work diligently to meet. Our rigorous curriculum is only effective for students who are committed to exert the effort necessary to succeed in class. Thus, the ideal applicant:

  • has a strong academic record
  • understands how Arabic will enhance his/her personal and professional goals
  • is committed to achieving Superior-level Arabic proficiency
  • has applied for undergraduate admission to The University of Mississippi (in process or already accepted)

Please note, prior Arabic language experience is not required, but those who have it are also encouraged to apply. All interested students should apply to The University of Mississippi and the Arabic Language Program by the priority deadline of February 1, 2013 for full consideration. (Applications received subsequently will be treated on a space available basis.)

PDFApplication—for High School Students

PDFApplication—for existing University Students