Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Lauren Hansen

fi-Hansen_OleMiss_DeptProfileVisiting Assistant Professor of German
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Office: E-208 Bondurant Hall
Phone: 662-915-7716
Email: lmhansen at

Dr. Hansen is currently teaching German 111. Her research interests include, but are not limited to, representations of family memory and postmemory in post-1989 novels written by authors born during or after WWII, East German literature, minority literature, migration literature, and pedagogical practices that foster diversity and decolonialization in German Studies and its curriculum.

Dr. Hansen currently has a manuscript under review in which she conceptualizes migration as a formal textual element or as a “textual strategy” (Frank) in Barbara Honigmann’s novels Eine Liebe aus Nichts (1991) and Ein Kapitel aus meinem Leben (2004). In these novels, Honigmann’s autobiographical narrators engage with their parents’ memories of actual spatial migration during WWII.

Her current work in progress explores how Monika Maron employs self-reflexive narrative strategies, photography, and travel in Pawels Briefe (1999) while engaging in postmemory work. Dr. Hansen is also analyzing the portrayal of GDR memory in Eugen Ruge’s In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts (2011) to envision new purposes for and ways of talking about the GDR past. Finally, she is working on publishing a course proposal titled “Teaching Exclusive (?) Pasts for a More Inclusive Present.” The course applies Michael Rothberg’s theory of “multidirectional memory” to texts and film in which German and American legacies of racism come into dialogue with one another. The uncomfortable proximities of these legacies encourage broader reflection on the role of the Holocaust in contemporary memory discourses, persisting modes of othering/exclusion, and finally, the multidirectional models of solidarity that these artistic examples present.