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Lezioni americane di Giorgio Bassani

(American Lessons by Giorgio Bassani)
Edited by Valerio Cappozzo

lezioni-americaneGiorgio Bassani (1916-2000) traveled several times to the United States: first as President of the association Italia Nostra, when he presented the exhibition “Italia da salvare”, then for the publication of his novels in the English language, and finally as Visiting Professor of Italian in California, Illinois, and Indiana universities.

In a letter that he wrote in 1976, Bassani referred to these trips as some of the best moments of his life, that also inspired certain among the most successful poems of the collection In Gran Segreto (1978), which can be read as a poetic journal of his American journeys.

The authors, Roberta Antognini, Valerio Cappozzo, Alessandro Giardino, and Sergio Parussa, discuss different aspects of an overlooked moment in Bassani’s life and literature. Professor Edoardo Lèbano, who invited Bassani at Indiana University in the Seventies, opens this book with his memories, while Linda Nemerow Ulman closes it recalling Bassani as her professor.

Lezioni Americane di Giorgio Bassani tells then not only about what Bassani gave to his American students, but it also evokes America as a source of inspiration for the Italian author.