Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

M.A. in Modern Languages – Linguistics

Master of Arts

Students who specialize in Linguistics will be exposed to a broad range of linguistic inquiry and will then be encouraged to develop a specific research agenda. With its strong emphasis on research and academic writing, this degree prepares students for doctoral study in general, theoretical, or applied linguistics.

Specialization in Linguistics

Two options for completing the degree are available, both of which require 36 credit hours. These two options are as follows:

(1) 36 hours of graduate-level course work in LING, MLLL, and ENGL, including six (6) credit hours from among the core courses, which are LING 614, 615, 616, and 620; or
(2) 24 hours of graduate-level course work in the above areas, including six (6) credit hours from among the above-mentioned core courses and 12 hours of thesis work. Students who wish to choose the thesis option are additionally required to take either LING 613 or LING 639.

Students pursuing an M.A. with a Linguistics specialization will be encouraged to complete the thesis option and will be further encouraged to submit (at least) two publication-worthy research-based papers in lieu of a traditional thesis.

Reading List

Contact Dr. Tamara Warhol for the reading list for specialization in Linguistics and TESL.