Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Linguistics Courses

Courses have the designation “Linguistics” but are also (cross-listed).

Ling 103: Logic: Critical Thinking

Ling 199: Introductory Topics in Linguistics

Ling 299: Topics in Linguistics

Ling 313: Introduction to Linguistic Science

Ling 314: Phonology

Ling 315: Morphology

Ling 316: Syntax

Ling 319: Symbolic Logic

Ling 320: Sociolinguistics

Ling 330: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

Ling 331: Introduction to French Linguistics

Ling 332: Introduction to German Linguistics

Ling 333: Philosophy of Language

Ling 350: Structure of a Less Commonly Taught Lang

Ling 353: Language and Culture

Ling 359: Manual Communication

Ling 395: Second Language Acquisition

Ling 399: Advanced Topics in Linguistics

Ling 401: Advanced English Grammar

Ling 499: Research Thesis

Ling 502: Historical Linguistics

Ling 504: Descriptive Grammar

Ling 506: Old English I

Ling 507: Old English II

Ling 508: History of the English Language II

Ling 509: Language Evolution

Ling 509: Semantics

Ling 511: World Englishes

Ling 513: Old Norse

Ling 515: Approaches to Discourse

Ling 525: Pidgins and Creoles

Ling 530: Pragmatics

Ling 535: bilingualism, Education, and Identity

Ling 536: Dialects of American English

Ling 537: Language Variation

Ling 538: Language, Gender, and Sexuality

Ling 540: Special Topics in Linguistics

Ling 541: Adv Study of Normal Language Development

Ling 545: Indigenous Languages and Pedagogies

Ling 548: Forensic Linguistics

Ling 549: Intercultural Communication

Ling 550: Language Politics and Social Policy

Ling 552: French Phonetics and Phonology

Ling 554: History of French Language

Ling 555: Topics in Applied French Linguistics

Ling 562: German Phonetics and Phonology

Ling 564: History of German

Ling 565: Topics in Applied German Linguistics

Ling 572: Spanish Phonetics and Phonology

Ling 573: Spanish Morphology and Syntax

Ling 574: History of Spanish

Ling 575: Topics in Applied Spanish Linguistics

Ling 592: Modern English Grammar

Ling 595: Seminar in Linguistics

Ling 600: Fundamentals of Linguistics for TESL

Ling 612: Seminar in Phonology

Ling 613: Research Design and Analysis

Ling 614: Seminar in Morphology

Ling 615: Fundamentals of Linguistic Science

Ling 616: Seminar in Syntax

Ling 617: Seminar in Comparative Linguistics

Ling 620: Seminar in Sociolinguistics

Ling 633: Philosophy of Language

Ling 639: Directed Research in Linguistics

Ling 653: Linguistic Anthropology

Ling 655: Advanced Symbolic Logic

Ling 680: Critical Issues in Applied Linguistics