Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Linguistics Faculty

Allison Burkette

Associate Professor of Linguistics and Graduate Student Coordinator for Linguistics
Ph.D., University of Georgia
Dr. Burkette’s research interests include language variation and Appalachian English, with an emphasis on complexity theory in historical studies as they relate to Linguistic Atlas data.
Office: 210 Howry Hall | 662-915-1458 | burkette at

Beyza Caygli

Fulbright Scholar, Turkey

Allen Clark

Associate Professor of Arabic and Director of the Arabic Language Program
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Dr. Clark’s research interests include translation in the Arabic-English language pair, questioning the source of semantic mismatches, whether they may be ideological, political, social, military, or a combination of these factors.
Office: 211 Croft | 662-915-5520 | asclark at

Felice Coles

Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Coles’s research interests include dialects of American English, Hispanic sociolinguistics and language obsolescence.
Office: E-210A Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7702 | fcoles at

Donald L. Dyer

Distinguished Professor of Russian and Linguistics and Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Dr. Dyer’s research interests include the Russian, Bulgarian and Romanian languages, Slavic and Balkan Linguistics, languages in contact and Moldova.
Office: 204 Ventress Hall | 662-915-7778 | mldyer at

Maria Fionda

Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics and Pedagogical Consultant to the Basic Spanish Language Program
Ph.D., University of Florida
Dr. Fionda’s research interests include Hispanic and cognitive linguistics and languages in contact.
Office: E-205B Bondurant Hall | 662-915-3140 | mifionda at

Lorena Fonseca

Senior Lecturer of French and Portuguese
Ph.D., Lumières-Lyon II, France
Office: E-212 Bondurant Hall | 662-915-1980 | lfonseca at

Valentina Iepuri

Assistant Professor of Russian and Director of the Russian Language Program
Ph.D., Minsk State Linguistics University
Dr. Iepuri’s research interests include the Russian language in the post-Soviet period, languages in contact and language pedagogy.
Office: E-210B Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7715 | vbiepuri at

Kaoru Ochiai

Croft Instructional Assistant Professor of Japanese and Director of the Japanese Language Program
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Dr. Ochiai’s professional interests include second language acquisition, teaching methodologies and comparative cultural studies of the United States and Japan.
Office: 217 Croft | 662-915-3772 | kochiai at

Michael Raines

Instructional Assistant Professor of TESL and Intensive English
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Office: 204 Howry Hall | 662-915-1492 | mcraines at

Christopher D. Sapp

Associate Professor of German and Linguistics
Ph.D., Indiana University
Dr. Sapp’s research interests include the historical morphology and syntax of German, language acquisition and Scandinavian linguistics
Office: E-211B Bondurant Hall | 662-915-7664 | csapp at

Whitney Sarver

Senior Director of the Intensive English Program
Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Office: 620 All American Way | 662-915-1560 | wasarver at

Vance Schaefer

Assistant Professor of TESL and Applied Linguistics
Ph.D., Indiana University
Mr. Schaefer’s research interests include L2 phonology, phonology, phonetics and second-language pedagogy.
Office: 209 Howry Hall | 662-915-1194 | schaefer at

Tamara Warhol

Associate Professor of TESL and Linguistics and Graduate Coordinator for TESL
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Warhol’s research interests include classroom and professional discourse in the humanities and the sciences; the intersection of language, gender and religion; and second language teaching and learning, with an emphasis on second language writing.
Office: 213 Howry | 662-915-5029 | twarhol at

Henrietta Yang

Croft Associate Professor of Chinese and Co-Director of the Chinese Language Flagship Program
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Yang’s research interests include Chinese linguistics, formal syntactic theory, Chinese language pedagogy, and the interface between instructional technology and language teaching.
Office: 213 Croft | 662-915-6794 | hsyang at


Zhini Zeng

Assistant Professor of Chinese
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Dr. Zeng’s research interests include Chinese-language pedagogy (with an emphasis on material development, curriculum design and assessment), cross-cultural communication, Chinese linguistics and discourse analysis.
Office: 215 Croft | 662-915-5042 | zzeng at

John Gutiérrez

Croft Professor of Spanish Emeritus