Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Presentations at Mississippi State

Patricia and Betsi present at MSU (2018)

Patricia and Betsi present at MSU (2018)

The Department of Modern Languages recently sent a delegation of faculty and graduate students to the “Metaphor of the Monster” conference hosted by Mississippi State University. Two graduate students and several faculty presented papers. Below are the titles of their presentations. The full program is available here.

Panel: Subversive Monsters / Monstrous Subversives
Chair: Diane Marting, The University of Mississippi


  • Dylan Goldblatt, “Kafka and Benn and the Monsters Within”
  • Dan O’Sullivan, “Thibaut de Champagne and the Bestiary Tradition”
  • Diane Marting,
    “The Zombie Metaphor in an Argentine Short Story: Luisa Valenzuela”

Panel: Representations of Feminine Monstrosity (I)
Chair: Sol Peláez, Mississippi State University

  • Patricia Thomásio Quinelato and Betsi Yamileth Gómez Ballesteros,  “Societies View of the Female Monster in The Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig”