University of Mississippi

Russian Courses

RUSS 101. Elementary Russian I.

RUSS 102. Elementary Russian II.

RUSS 111. Intensive Elementary Russian.

RUSS 198. Elementary Russian Study Abroad.

RUSS 199. Special Topics in Russsian.

RUSS 201. Intermediate Russian I.

RUSS 202. Intermediate Russian II.

RUSS  211. Intensive Elementary Russian.

RUSS 298. Intermediate Russian Study Abroad.

RUSS 299. Special Topics in Russian.

RUSS 301. Conversation and Composition I.

RUSS 302. Conversation and Composition II.

RUSS 310. Special Topics in Russian.

RUSS 321. Russian Culture and Civilzation.

RUSS 331. Introduction to Russian Literature and Literary Analysis.

RUSS 361. Russian Cinema.

RUSS 398.  Advanced Russian Study Abroad.

RUSS 399. Special Topics in Russian.

RUSS 401. Advanced Russian I.

RUSS 402. Advanced Russian II.

RUSS 411. Political Russian.