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A MAJOR IN SPANISH FOR THE B.A. DEGREE requires 30 semester hours beyond the 200 level. Students will take Span 303, 304, 330, and 331 (or equivalent) plus 18 additional hours. Nine of the 18 additional hours must be at the 500 level and must include at least one literature course and one linguistics course. Students must complete a minimum of 9 upper- division credits in residence on the University of Mississippi campus at Oxford, Tupelo, or Southaven. A maximum of 15 of the 30 upper-division credits for the major may be taken through an approved study abroad program.

A MINOR IN SPANISH requires the completion of Span 303 and 304 and 9 additional hours of Spanish beyond the 200 level. A maximum of 9 credits for the minor may be taken through an approved study abroad program.


Click the link below to see the flow chart for the Spanish Basic Language Sequence: 
Flow Chart for 100- and 200-levels Spanish Basic Language Sequence