Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Student Hall of Fame: OPI Scores

The Department of Modern Languages is proud of its faculty and students. In view of this, this page is dedicated to the recognized accomplishments of our students. The following are high OPI scores received by our students over the past several years of which we are aware. Please let us know of others that may not be recorded here (e-mail Dr. Daniel O’Sullivan at with corrections or additions). Congratulations to all! DLD

OPI Advanced or Superior Proficiency


Steven Forrest Wild (Advanced Low in German)


Andrew Janssen (Advanced High in Arabic)

Madeleine Achgill (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Kimberley Butler (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Rachel Byars (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Christian Carpenter (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Sherlee Chandler (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Conner Clark (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

James Demarshall (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Jordan Hayward (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Evan Heitzmann (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Avery Kennedy (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Shannon Ladnier (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Shamessia Lee (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Brandon Lynam (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

McKenna Mossman (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Carrie Reid (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Alex Rhea (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Garrett Rowe (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Brendan Ryan (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Christopher Sahlen (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Connor Somgynari (Advanced Mid in Arabic)

Robyn Sharrar (Advanced Mid in Arabic)

Leigh Sumner (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Liana Tai (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Annelise Albert (Advanced Low in Russian)

Cody Bradford (Advanced Low in French)

Maia Cotelo (Advanced Low in Portuguese)

Meredith Cuilik (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Mitchell Edwards (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Wesley Hale (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Garrett Hersh (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Katie Johnston (Advanced Low in Russian)

Cara Keyser (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Sabrina Kosloske (Advanced Low in Arabic)

Lizzie Leary (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Ilkka Malmi (Advanced Low in German)

Amber Malone (Advanced Low in French)

Erica McGraw (Advanced Low in French)

Murray Miller (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Hadley Peterson (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Lemuel Tsang (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Bryce Warden (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Kathryn Wright (Advanced Low in Spanish)


Allison Bartel (Superior in Chinese + *Flagship Certification*)

William Bumpas (Superior in Chinese + *Flagship Certification*)

Palmer Withers (Superior in Chinese + *Flagship Certification*)

Henry Chen (Superior in Chinese)

Aziz Amir (Advanced High in Arabic and in French)

Emily Chew (Advanced High in Chinese)

Harriet Fisher (Advanced High in Chinese)

Byron Head (Advanced Mid in Arabic)

Ann Paley (Advanced Mid in Arabic)

Sailer Perkins (Advanced Mid in Arabic)

Leigh Anne Zook (Advanced Mid in Arabic)

Frank Anderson (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Bruce Burley (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Erin Leigh Dyer (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Taylor Malcolm (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Mazie Merriman (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Steven Mockler (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Callan Mossman (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Alexa Penton (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

James Rhodes (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Holly Smith (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Margaret Spear (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Lemuel Tsang (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Zachary Whitehead (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Samuel Wilson (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Vise Rachel Annette (Advanced Mid in French)

Suad Patton-Bey (Advanced Low in Arabic)

Sayles Sequareah Quintera (Advanced Low in Arabic)

Connor Somgynari (Advanced Low in Arabic)

Madeleine Achgill (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Maxwell Drake Anderson (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Brack Taylor Shantrell (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Fenno Sarah Rebecca (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Jordan Hayward (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Matthew Riddle (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Jillian Leah Cowart(Advanced Low in French)

Samantha Gene Lund (Advanced Low in French)

Richard Lowell Barr (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Madeline Rose Fumi (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Toppin James Drew (Advanced Low in Spanish)


Robbin Goodman (Superior in Chinese + *Flagship Certification*)

Sean McClure (Superior in Chinese + *Flagship Certification*)

Kevin Scott (Superior in Chinese + *Flagship Certification*)

Arpi Grigoryan (Superior in Russian)

William Bumpas (Advanced High in Chinese)

Erin Leigh Dyer (Advanced High in Chinese)

Luan Vu (Advanced High in Chinese)

Brad Gordon (Advanced High in Russian)

Patrick Fields (Advanced High in Spanish)

Samira Abunemeh (Advanced Mid in Arabic)

James Cutchin (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Saadiah Brennan (Advanced Mid in English)

Kim Butler (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Adair Abbot (Advanced Low in French)

Gracie Boland (Advanced Low in French)

Elise Malette (Advanced Low in French)

Alex Jones (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Brad Lanier (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Walker Messer (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Anna Terry (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Kendra Wright (Advanced Low in Spanish)


Evan James Extine (Superior in Chinese + *Flagship Certification*)

Daniel Evan Akin (Advanced High in Chinese)

Alex Kynerd (Advance High in Chinese)

Kazimiera Petravich (Advanced High in Chinese)

Amy Richards (Advanced High in Chinese)

Tori Thoman (Advanced High in Chinese)

Emily Bennett (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Jackie Boyce (Advanced Mid in German)

William Bumpas (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Erin Leigh Dyer (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Robert Eberhart (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Cody LeBlanc (Advanced Mid in French)

Mallory Lee (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Claire Reid (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Kevin Scott (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Jessica Sewell (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Benjamin Bates (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Ryan Ezelle (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Sean Ray (Advanced Low in Russian)

Lexi Thoman (Advanced Low in Portuguese and Spanish)

Kathy Trabue (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Anastasia Varenita (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Sarah Woods (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Emily Rigby (Advanced Low in Spanish)


Daniel Evan Akin (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Evan James Extine (Advanced High in Chinese)

Erin Singleton (Advanced High in Chinese)

Tabitha Bandi (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

James Cutchin (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Jessica Lynn Dickson (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Erin Leigh Dyer (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Robert Gore (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Jamey Hurst (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Gabriel Lee (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Megan Loria (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Erin Mauffrey (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Gabby Rangel (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Anna Elizabeth Baker (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Kimberly Biagini (Advanced Low in Italian)

Luke Harris (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Marie Wicks (Advanced Low in French)


Ryan Parsons (Superior in Chinese)

Alyssa Yuen (Superior in Chinese)

Cooper Rimmer (Advanced High in Chinese)

Erin Singleton (Advanced High in Chinese)

Peyton Smith (Advanced High in Spanish)

Gabriel Weiss (Advanced High in Chinese)

Scarlett Andrews (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Matthew Archer (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Chase Pinson (Advanced Mid in Arabic)

Jennings Treutel (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Richard Whitehouse (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Matthew Astorino (Advanced Low in Arabic)

Kelli Beard (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Christen Chapman (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Cullen Coker (Advanced Low in Arabic)

Maggie Day (Advanced Low in Arabic)

Emilie Dayan (Advanced Low in French)

Sara Pettersen (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Ann Robin Tucker (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Porter Wells (Advanced Low in French)

McDaniel Wicker (Advanced Low in Chinese)


Joe Bateman (Advanced High in Spanish, Advanced Low in Portuguese)

Natalie Dickson (Advanced high in Chinese)

Susan Lawrence (Advanced High in Chinese)

Colin Reid (Advanced High in Spanish, Advanced Low in Portuguese)

Cooper Rimmer (Advanced High in Chiense)

Jessica Beck (Advanced Mid in German)

Jessica Brewer (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Mary Erin Callahan (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Jitin Chatlani (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Caitlin Clarke (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Cat Couper (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Jacquelyn Ennis (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Daniel Hester (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Robert Pettit (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Cooper Reves (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Nathan Taylor (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Cristina Thompson (Advance Mid in Chinese)

Richard Whitehouse (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Patrick Woodyard (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Alex Bucaciuc (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Josh Cox (Advanced Low in French)

Kent Ford (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Amy Goodwin (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Michael Malenfant (Advanced Low in Spanish)


Kline Gilbert (Superior in Swedish)

Alecia Waite (Superior in Chinese)

Amanda Boozer (Advanced High in Spanish)

Kevin Dodez-Ball (Advanced High in Chinese)

Melissa Green (Advanced High in Spanish)

Susan Lawrence (Advanced High in Chinese)

Tatiana Sarasin (Advanced High in Chinese)

Anthony Yuen (Advanced High in Chinese)

Caroline Brazeel (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Courtney Collins (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Kennedy Horton (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

John Rhodes Martin (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Jessica Moeller (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Alecia Waite (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Jacqueline Ennis (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Kelly Usher (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Benjamin Woodrick (Advanced Low in Chinese)


Megan Christine Rogers (Superior in Chinese)

Dustin Cody Bankston (Advanced High in Russian)

Daniel John Hedglin (Advanced High in Chinese)

Anthony Ka-Leung Yuen (Advanced High in Chinese)

Judith Christine Bridges (Advanced Mid in French)

Robert Charlton Duke (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Thomas Joseph Koger (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Livia Christina Macias (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Marcos Cerdeira de Maraes (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Andrus Gareth Ashoo (Advanced Low in French)

Christine Elizabeth Forster (Advanced Low in French)

Ben Austin Jackson (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Katherine Pearson Jarvis (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Vaughan Abbay Leatherman (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Ruth Mason Mauldin (Advanced Low in French)

Lindsey Michelle Stringer (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Lee Andrew Taggart (Advanced Low in Spanish)


Derek Huang (Superior in Chinese)

Galina Sergeeva (Superior in Russian)

Matthew Archer (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Anna Hailey (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Maria Catarina Gutierrez (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Jennifer Teresa Harkins (Advanced Low in Russian)

Billy McBeath (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Anna Kathryn Milner (Advanced Low in Spanish)


Andrew Piletz (Superior in Chinese)

Sean Michael Colwell (Advanced High in Spanish)

Charles Slade (Advanced High in Chinese)

Jessica Marie Bryant (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Savannah M. Keith (Advanced Mid in French)

Andrew Carlisle Logan (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Louis Carter Wamp (Advance Mid in Spanish)

Elizabeth Thea Harrington (Advanced Low in Spanish)

James Scott Jimenez (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Stephen Michael Murff (Advance Low in French)

Benjamin Isaac Quilter (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Travis Brandon Pierce (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Margaret Ellen Ryan (Advanced Low in Chinese)

Lacey Rae Shaver (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Kendall Anne Shiffler (Advanced Low in Spanish)


John Michael Allen (Advanced Low in German)

Dustin Cody Bankston (Advanced High in Russian)

Christine Erin Day (Advanced High in French)

Ryan Kenneth Bullock (Advanced Mid in Spanish)

Brianna Marie Phillips (Advanced Mid in Chinese)

Katherine Elizabeth Brown (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Benjamin Laird Hammond (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Kimberly Kilpatrick (Advanced Low in Spanish)

Kathryn Zoe Merrell (Advanced Low in Spanish)


Anna Elise Fleming (Advanced Low in German)

Travis Brandon Pierce (Advanced Low in Chinese)


Jacob Lawrence Patton (Advanced Mid in German)


Emily Melissa Sindelar (Advanced Mid in German)