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Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Christopher Sapp, Ph.D.

Professor of German and Linguistics

Office: On research leave 2019-2020

Ph.D. in Germanic Linguistics and Philology, Indiana University (2006)
M.A. in Germanic Studies, Indiana University (2000)
B.A. with Honors in German, Austin College, Summa Cum Laude (1996)

Teaching and Research Interests:
Diachronic Morphology and Syntax, German Linguistics, Medieval Germanic Languages, Acquisition of Syntax and Morphology

Courses Taught:
GERM 330: Introduction to German Linguistics
GERM 572: German Phonetics and Phonology
GERM 574: History of the German Language
LING 315: Morphology
LING 316: Syntax
LING 502: Historical Linguistics
LING 513: Old Norse
LING 614: Seminar in Morphology
LING 616: Seminar in Syntax

Recent Publications:


Sapp, Christopher D. Einführung in die deutsche Linguistik / Introduction to German Linguistics. University of Mississippi: eGrove. 2019.

Sapp, Christopher D. and Dorian Roehrs. Quantifying Expressions in the History of German: Syntactic Reanalysis and Morphological Change. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 2016.

Sapp, Christopher D. The Verbal Complex in Subordinate Clauses from Medieval to Modern German. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 2011.


Sapp, Christopher D. “Arrested development: Case attraction as a transitional stage from Old Icelandic demonstrative to relative .” Language (Historical Syntax) 95 (2018): e1-e40.

Roehrs, Dorian and Christopher D. Sapp. “Complex quantifiers with genitive and concord in Old English and beyond.” Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 21 (2018): 381-419.

Sapp, Christopher D. “Word order patterns in the OHG right periphery and their Indo-European origins.” Diachronica 33 (2016): 367-411.

Sapp, Christopher D. and Dorian Roehrs. “Head-to-modifier reanalysis: The rise of the adjectival quantifier viel and the loss of genitive case assignment.” Journal of Germanic Linguistics 28 (2016): 89-166.

Sapp, Christopher D. “Extraposition in Middle and Early New High German.” Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 17 (2014): 129-156.

Sapp, Christopher D. “Microparameters in the verbal complex: Middle High German and some modern varieties.” Parameter Theory and Linguistic Change. Ed. Charlotte Galves, Sonia Cyrino, Ruth Lopes, Filomena Sandalo, and Juanito Avelar, 43-59. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2012, 43-59.

Sapp, Christopher D. “Auxiliary selection in the Early New High German perfect tenses.” Groninger Arbeiten zur Germanistischen Linguistik 53.2: 29-43. 2011.

Professional Activities:
Executive Committee, Society for Germanic Linguistics

Awards and Honors:
College of Liberal Arts Senior Faculty Grant, 2019
Office of Global Engagement International Collaboration Grant, 2018
College of Liberal Arts Faculty Research Grant, 2012
College of Liberal Arts Faculty Research Gran, 2010
College of Liberal Arts Faculty Research Gran, 2009
University of Mississippi Faculty Research Fellowship, 2008
William J. Fulbright Grant, Austria, 2005-2006

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