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Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Student to Make His Own ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ During Bolivia Trek

Jess Cooley

This summer, Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College sophomore Jess Cooley plans to travel through the Chiquitanía, which suffered devastating wildfires from August through October, by motorcycle, documenting the devastation through photos and interviews, as well as surveys and field notes.

His work will form a visual ethnography, which is the act of showing culture through photos and write-ups, which he will post to a blog and an Instagram account. He also plans to make presentations when he returns about the long-lasting effects of the fires.

“This project will hopefully convey the true destruction and reality of the events that have occurred in the region that have now been largely forgotten on the global scale,” Cooley said. “Additionally, Bolivia is more susceptible to climate change than many nations, due to a geography of forest and high-altitude societies, and the contemporary effects of climate change can be seen with this project.”

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