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Department of Modern Languages
The University of Mississippi

Jimin Kahng, Ph.D.

Jimin KahngAssistant Professor of Applied Linguistics

Office: Howry 204
Phone: 662-915-3110

Ph.D. in Second Language Studies, Michigan State University (2014)
M.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (ELT Materials Development), International Graduate School of English, Seoul, Korea (2005)
B.A in English Education, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea (2002)

Teaching and Research Interests:

Second Language Acquisition and Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Fluency Development, Research Methods, Language Assessment, Phonetics and Phonology, Language Teaching Pedagogy

Recent Publications:


Kahng, J., & Otonya, M. (in press). What elicited imitation can show us: Quantitative and qualitative analyses of longitudinal changes. TESOL Quarterly.

Kahng, J. (in press). Fluency. In T. Derwing, M. Munro, & R. Thomson. Routledge Handbook on Second Language Acquisition and Speaking. New York: Routledge.

Kahng, J. (in press). Invited review of Lintunen et al.’s Fluency in L2 learning and use. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation.

Kahng, J. (2020). Explaining second language utterance fluency: Contribution of cognitive fluency and first language utterance fluency. Applied Psycholinguistics, 41, 457-480.

Kahng, J. (2019). Teaching and researching speaking skills: Theory and research-based practices. In P. Nihat, T. Gregersen, & P. MacIntyre. Research-driven pedagogy: Implications of L2A theory and research for the teaching of language skills. Routledge.

Kahng, J. (2018). The effect of pause location on perceived fluency. Applied Psycholinguistics, 39, 569-591.

Durvasula, K., & Kahng, J. (2016). The role of phrasal phonology in speech perception: What perceptual epenthesis shows us. Journal of Phonetics, 54, 15-34.

Lavolette, B., Polio, C., & Kahng, J. (2015b). The accuracy of computer-assisted feedback and students’ responses to it. Language Learning & Technology, 19, 50-68.

Durvasula, K., & Kahng, J. (2015a). vowels in perceptual epenthesis: The role of phonological alternations. Phonology, 32, 385-416.

Kahng, J. (2014). Exploring utterance and cognitive fluency of L1 and L2 English speakers: Temporal measures and stimulated recall. Language Learning, 64, 809-854.

Lim, H., & Kahng, J. (2012). A review of Criterion. Language Learning and Technology, 16(2), 38-45.

Kahng, J. (2010). Interview with Dr. Robert DeKeyser. MSU Working Papers in SLS, 2.

Kahng, J. (2007). The effect of pronunciation training on Korean adult leamers’ perception and production of English vowels. In H. Chung ELT Classroom Research by Practicing Teachers 2 (pp. 115-142). Seoul: Hankook Munhwasa.

Kahng, J. (2006). Needs analysis of 6th-9th graders for an English writing camp: English writing proficiency and needs on English writing. English Teaching, 61(3), 59-82.

Kahng, J. (2006). The effect of pronunciation training on Korean adults’ perception and production of English vowels. Foreign Languages Education, 13(1), 45-65.

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