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Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Luanne Buchanan, Ph.D.

Instructional Associate Professor of Spanish

Ph.D., University of Chicago
Office: Bondurant C-112
Phone: 662-915-6923

Dr. Buchanan obtained her B.A. in Latin American Literature from St. Olaf College (1976), where she was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. She obtained the M.A. in Humanities (1977) and the Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures (1983) from the University of Chicago. Dr. Buchanan has been teaching since 1989 and her frequently taught courses include Spanish 303 and 304 Conversation and Composition, Spanish 331 Introduction to Literature in Spanish, Spanish 322 Spanish American Culture and Civilization, Spanish 371 Grammar for Oral Proficiency, and Spanish 399 Special Topics in diverse areas including Cuba and the concept of cubanía as well as Spanish for health professions. Her research interests include interpretation and translation, resulting in a recent related article co-written with Michael H. Hoffheimer, “La traducción ‘hacia arriba’ en Dafnis y Cloe de Juan Valera” (Anales galdosianos, Año 51, 2016). Dr. Buchanan also serves as a departmental advisor to Spanish majors and minors.

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