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Department of Modern Languages

The University of Mississippi

Vance Schaefer, Ph.D.

Vance SchaeferAssistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Office: Howry 209
Phone: 662-915-1194

Ph.D. in Second Language Studies, Indiana University (2015)
M.A. in TESOL and Applied Linguistics, Indiana University (2009)
M.A. in Japanese, Indiana University (2009)
M.A. in International Studies, Kobe University (1996)
B.A. in Linguistics, Northwestern University (1986)

Teaching and Research Interests:
Pronunciation Pedagogy, Second Language Phonology, Foreign/Second Language Teaching Methodology, Sociophonetics

Courses Taught:
LING 313: Introduction to Linguistic Science
LING 314: Phonology
TESL 380: Introduction to TESOL
TESL/LING 395: Second Language Acquisition
TESL 542: Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language
TESL/LING 595: Second Language Acquisition
LING 612: Seminar in Second Language Phonology
TESL 645: TESOL Practicum
TESL 646: Language Teacher Research
TESL/FR/GERM/SPAN 672: Research and Practice in Second Language Acquisition
TESL 673: Advanced TESOL Methods (Teaching Pronunciation)
LING 694: Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

Recent Publications:


Schaefer, V., Darcy, I., & Abe, L. (forthcoming). “The distress in not stressing and destressing stress in English: Using wordplay to boost awareness, intelligibility, and communicative competence.” TESOL Journal. DOI:

Schaefer, V., & Darcy, I. (2015). “A communicative approach and dialect exposure enhance pitch accent awareness by learners of Japanese (Teaching Tip)”. In J. Levis, R. Mohamed, M. Qian & Z. Zhou (Eds.). Proceedings of the 6th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference (ISSN 2380-9566), Santa Barbara, CA (pp. 285-296). Ames, IA: Iowa State University.

Schaefer, V. & Darcy, I. (2014). “Lexical function of pitch in the first language shapes cross-linguistic perception of Thai tones.” Laboratory Phonology 5(4): 489-522. DOI:

Awards and Honors:
College of Liberal Arts Summer Research Grant, 2016, 2017

Web Resources:
Linguistics Program
TESOL Program