Department of Modern Languages

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Why Study Italian?

The University of Mississippi offers an undergraduate minor in Italian. The Department of Modern Languages offers elementary, intermediate and advanced Italian courses that emphasize the language and culture of Italy. Students may study Italian in order to fulfill their Liberal Arts language requirement. The minor in Italian requires the completion of 15 hours of Italian courses, beyond the 100 level (i.e., 200-, 300-, 400- or 500-level courses). Credit may be earned for studying Italian in Italy, and the Director of Italian will help students in selecting an outstanding program.

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Degree Requirements

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Student Resources

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Extracurricular Activities

Italian Conversation Group

Our weekly informal conversation group: Practice your Italian, meet new friends, caffeinate your body, and exercise your mind.
— First and third Wednesdays 12:00p-1:00p @ the Residential College
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Study Abroad

Go Away! We encourage all of our majors and minors to immerse themselves in the study abroad experience. The Study Abroad Office offers programs in Italy where students at all levels of Italian study a variety of linguistic, literary, and cultural topics. [Any changes to the pre-populated text? Any other details/links to add? Details/links to specific SA programs?]

Gamma Kappa Alpha Italian Honor Society

Gamma Kappa Alpha, the National Collegiate Italian Honor Society, is devoted exclusively to students of Italian in four-year colleges and universities. In the Department of Modern Languages, our chapter of Gamma Kappa Alpha recognizes outstanding achievement in Italian among students at the University of Mississippi.

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Contact Information

Director of the Italian Program

Valerio Cappozzo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Italian
Howry 207

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Financial Assistance

Scholarships and assistantships help many of our students to major and minor in French. For details, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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