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Department of Modern Languages
The University of Mississippi

Modern Languages Careers

Students observe posters with text in multiple languages, text overlay reads 'What can modern languages majors do after graduation? Meet a few...'

Corey Fuller
Corey Fuller
B.A. in Arabic, minor in Military Science 2016
Home Town: Pinson, AL
Corey Fuller
catherine lawhorn
Catherine (Millette) Lawhorn
B.A. in Spanish and English 2009 and M.A. in Spanish Linguistics and TESL 2011
Home Town: Pascagoula, Mississippi
catherine lawhorn
Anthony Yuen
B.A. International Studies and Chinese 2008
Home Town: Hattiesburg, MS
Christine Day Phi Kappa Phi Spring 06Photo by Harry Briscoe
Christine Day
B.A. in French and International Studies 2006
Home Town: Germantown, TN
Christine Day Phi Kappa Phi Spring 06Photo by Harry Briscoe
Deeneaus Polk
B.A. in German and International Studies 2011
Home Town: Pascagoula, MS
Grace Quintana
M.A. in Spanish 2017
Home Town: Mexicali, Baja California
Trey McCain
B.A. in Linguistics, 2010; M.A. in French 2012
Home Town: Amory, MS
Riley Dunworth
B.A. in Spanish 2015 and M.A. in Spanish 2017
Home Town: Salisbury, Maryland
Elizabeth Romary
B.A. in Spanish and International Studies, minor in Cinema 2017
Home Town: Greenville, North Carolina
Wilson Helmhout
B.A. in Spanish, minor in Neuroscience 2016
Home Town: Oxford, Mississippi

Modern Languages Careers

A liberal arts education empowers and prepares students to deal with complexity and change through a broad knowledge of the world.  They gain key skills in communication, problem-solving, and working with a diverse group of people. People who fluently speak a foreign language have better job opportunities.

Related careers include education, international business & banking, tourism, journalism, law, translation, foreign service, cultural affairs, military service, and health care.

infographic showing the following data: Business/Finance: 39%; Higher Education: 34%; Government/Military: 21%; STEM: 21%; Community/non-profit: 21%; K-12 Education: 20%; Law: 19%


Our graduates are…

  • Analyst, Tesla Government Inc.
  • Producer of Al-Arab, Bloomberg TV
  • Civil Affairs Specialist, US Army Reserve
  • Project Coordinator, Middle East Institute
  • Senior Business Sales Executive, FedEx
  • New Ventures, PwC Hong Kong & China
  • International Tax Hedge Fund Analyst, Deloitt
  • Physician, Duke University Hospital
  • English Teacher, Korea
  • Faculty, Copenhagen School of Business
  • Business Reporter, Los Angeles Times
  • Social Media Specialist, Entergy
  • Brands Attorney, US Department of Justice
  • Foreign Affairs Officer, US Department of State
  • Communications Coordinator, Kate Spade
  • International Economist, US Department of Commerce
  • Director of Employee Engagement, St. Jude Hospital
  • Editor, The Globe & American in London
  • Logistics Specialist, Halliburton
  • Consultant, US Department of Defense
  • Company Manager, Atlanta Opera
  • Librarian, Jackson Hinds Library System
  • Senior Vice President, Bank of America
  • CEO, Global Outreach
  • International Non-profit Developer, United Nations
  • Spanish Teacher, Madison County

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