University of Mississippi



The Department of Modern Languages at The University of Mississippi began offering instruction in Korean in the fall of 2011 and now offers an undergraduate minor in the language. Classes in Korean language average 12-15 students. In the fall of 2013 three levels of instruction will be offered and by 2014 the Department plans to be offering a four-year curriculum and hopes to be offering a minor in the language. The Korean faculty currently consists of two teachers, and students of the language have the opportunity to study abroad in Korea during the summer or the semester.


Korea has a vision for the future of cities in the world and as such is promoting two futuristic themes: the Korean Wave of Culture (Hallyu) and the Korean Wave of Economy. We can already see these themes among teenagers and young adults in Latin America, India and the West where young adults enjoy K[orean]-pop, K-drama and K-video games, and where they have become acutely interested in South Korean fashion and lifestyles, as well as using cutting-edge Korean products. Being able to speak and understand the Korean language is thus a tool for understanding and using this “soft” power.


The Korean Tutoring Club meets weekly, during which time the Korean faculty help students of the language develop their language skills.