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The University of Mississippi offers an undergraduate major and minor in linguistics as well as an M.A. in Modern Languages with a specialization in linguistics.

Students of linguistics come to understand that language is composed of layers of intertwined systems (sound, meaning, organization and context) as they study phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Linguistics students will have the opportunity to explore language as it to relates to society, including the relationship between language and social factors such as region, ethnicity, gender, and identity. Our students will learn about how language is acquired, not through imitation, but through a natural process that moves through a series of stages. In linguistics classes, we will explore the influence of language on culture, the influence of technology on language, the way that language changes over time, and the importance of context in communication.

The Linguistics program at The University of Mississippi offers undergraduate degrees in Linguistics (both a major and a minor) that give the students a solid background in theoretical and applied linguistics. Students can also study linguistics at UM at the master’s degree level. The linguistics faculty is comprised of fifteen members with expertise in several fields of linguistics, including: dialectology, language acquisition, languages in contact, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, syntax and translation studies. The linguistics faculty is enthusiastic, supportive, and committed to its students. Each year the linguistics faculty selects a top linguistics student to receive the T.J. Ray Award in linguistics at the University’s annual Honors Day Ceremony.

Please contact the Program Director, if you have any questions:
Professor Donald L. Dyer
Department of Modern Languages
The University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677

The Linguistic Society of America maintains a website at: