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Why Study Russian?

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The number of students in the United States who are studying Russian increases virtually every day. Recent world events have helped make the study of Russian a viable alternative to the study of the more traditionally offered foreign languages such as Spanish, French, and German. Now, more than ever, Russian language ability is seen as an extremely important asset to the student entering the field of law, economics, political science, government and foreign service, or business. Worldwide, there are approximately 200 million speakers of Russian.

The University of Mississippi offers an undergraduate minor in Russian. The Department of Modern Languages offers elementary, intermediate, and advanced Russian courses that emphasize Russian language and culture. Students may study Russian to fulfill their Liberal Arts language requirement. They can also pursue a minor in Russian by taking additional courses at the 300 and 400 levels. The minor in Russian requires the completion of 15 hours of Russian, beyond the 100 level. A maximum of 9 credits for the minor may be taken through an approved study abroad program. Credits may be earned for studying Russian in Russia. The program advisor will help the students in selecting an outstanding program.

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Degree Requirements

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Student Resources

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Extracurricular Activities

Russian Conversation Group

Our weekly informal conversation group: Practice your Russian, meet new friends, caffeinate your body, and exercise your mind.
— Wednesdays 2:00p-3:00p @ the Residential College
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Russkii Klub (Russian Club)

Russian language, culture, and history.

Dobro Slovo National Slavic Honor Society

In the Spring of 1990, the Gamma Omicron chapter of the National Slavic Honor Society [Link?]–Dobro Slovo–was established on the Oxford campus. Inductions are held annually and the membership currently numbers just over 200. As in all societies, the Letters DS, which are named Dobro Slovo, are only the first letters of the true name of the Society. This Society has the true name of “Dety Slavy,” meaning Children of Glory, which members become. During the induction ceremony of Dobro Slovo, each inductee is given a Key engraved with these letters as a reminder of the distinction they have attained. Also engraved on the Key is a Firebird. This image is a favorite one from Slavic folklore and serves to remind members of the traditions and culture which goes back to the very dawn of Slavic history. One corner of the Key is turned back to symbolize the manuscript folios that are turned over in a never-ceasing investigation of Slavic languages, literatures and cultures.

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Study Abroad

Go Away! We encourage all of our majors and minors to immerse themselves in the study abroad experience. The Study Abroad Office offers programs in Russia where students at all levels of Russian study a variety of linguistic, literary, and cultural topics. [Any changes to the pre-populated text? Any other details/links to add? Details/links to specific SA programs?]

Russian Intensive Summer Program

Begin studying Russian this summer, spend a month in Russia next year, and complete your minor in just two years! The Russian Intensive Summer Program

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The Russian faculty at the Department of Modern Languages consists of [#] tenure-track professors and [#] instructional professors, whose expertises include … [5. Specify faculty numbers above. Any changes to the pre-populated text? Descriptions of expertises/specialties in the section.]

Our Russian classes feature low faculty-to-student ratios allowing students to work closely with the Russian faculty. [Any changes to the pre-populated text? Any other details/links to add?] [Header Photo #5]

Contact Information

Director of the Russian Program

Valentina B. Iepuri, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Russian
Bondurant 210E

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Financial Assistance

Scholarships and assistantships help many of our students to major and minor in French. For details, contact The Office of Financial Aid.

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