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Balkanistica Summary of Contents

Dubrovnik Header

HISTORY OF PUBLICATION (1974 to the present)

    • Balkanistica IOccasional Papers in Southeast European Studies * 1974
    • Balkanistica IIOccasional Papers in Southeast European Studies * 1975
    • Balkanistica IIIOccasional Papers in Southeast European Studies * 1976
    • Balkanistica IVA Journal of Southeast European Studies * 1977-1978
    • Balkanistica VA Journal of Southeast European Studies * 1979
    • Balkanistica VIA Journal of Southeast European Studies * 1980
    • Balkanistica VIIA Journal of Southeast European Studies * 1981-1982
    • Balkanistica 8Bulgaria Past and Present * 1993 (published in volume 44 of Indiana University’s Russian and East European Studies series)
    • Balkanistica 9Bulgaria Past and Present: Transitions and Turning Points, Studies Prepared for the Fifth Joint Meeting of Bulgarian and North American Scholars – Pittsburgh 1994 * 1996
    • Balkanistica 10Нека му е вечна славата: Studies Dedicated to the Memory of Zbigniew Gołąb (19 March 1923-24 March 1994) * 1997
    • Balkanistica 11 * 1998
    • Balkanistica 12 * 1999
    • Balkanistica 13Special Millennial Issue * 2000
    • Balkanistica 14 * 2001
    • Balkanistica 15Papers from the Third Conference on Formal Approaches to South Slavic and Balkan Linguistics * 2002
    • Balkanistica 16 * 2003
    • Balkanistica 17 * 2004
    • Balkanistica 18 * 2005
    • Balkanistica 19An Anthology of Bulgarian Literature * 2006
    • Balkanistica 20 * 2007
    • Balkanistica 21 * 2008
    • Balkanistica 22 * 2009
    • Balkanistica 23The Banff Papers * 2010
    • Balkanistica 24 * 2011
    • Balkanistica 25:1 * 2012
    • Balkanistica 25:2Macedonian Matters: Proceedings from the Seventh Macedonian-North American Conference on Macedonian Studies * 2012
    • Balkanistica 26 * 2013
    • Balkanistica 27 * 2014
    • Balkanistica 28Од Чикаго и назад: Papers to Honor Victor A. Friedman on the Occasion of His Retirement * 2015
    • Balkanistica 29 * 2016
    • Balkanistica 30:1 * 2017
    • Balkanistica 30:2Macedonia Past and Present: Proceedings from the Ninth Macedonian-North American Conference on Macedonian Studies * 2017
    • Balkanistica 31 * 2018
    • Balkanistica 32:1The Current State of Balkan Linguistics: Celebrating Twenty Years of the Kenneth E. Naylor Lectures * 2019
    • Balkanistica 32:2 ЧЕКАJ: Papers for Christina E. Kramer on the Occasion of Her Retirement * 2019
    • Balkanistica 33 – With a Special Section Dedicated to Grace E. Fielder * 2020
    • Balkanistica 34 * 2021
    • Balkanistica 35 * 2022
    • Balkanistica 36 * 2023
    • Balkanistica 37 *Language, Performance and Persistence: Proceedings from the Eleventh Macedonian-North American Conference on Macedonian Studies, 2024
    • Balkanistica 38 * to appear in 2025

All volumes carry the ISSN number 0360-2206 unless otherwise noted.

Legend: Volume Description – Publication Information – Contents

Zagreb Header


OCCASIONAL PAPERS IN SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES * 1974 * With the exception of the contribution by Matejic, the papers in this 189-page volume were presented at the first national conference of the American Association for South Slavic Studies, held April 18-20, 1973 in New York City.

Publication Information: Editor Kenneth E. Naylor, Associate Editors Jasna J. Kragalott and Robert Kragalott * Published for the American Association for South Slavic Studies by Slavica Publishers, Inc.


(1) Karpat, Kemal H. – Ottoman Relations with the Balkan Nations after 1683 (pp. 7-55)

(2) Florescu, Radu R. – Romania: A Comment (pp. 56-61)

(3) Kitsikis, Dimitri – Greece: A Comment (pp. 62-67)

(4) Shasko, Philip – Bulgaria: A Comment (pp. 68-74)


(5) Despalatovic, Elinor Murray –The Illyrian Solution to the Problem of Modern National Identity for the Croats (pp. 75-94)

(6) Adler, Philip J. – Why Did Illyrianism Fail? (pp. 95-103)


(7) Remington, Robin Alison – Yugoslavia: Nonaligned between Whom? (pp. 104-35)

(8) Denitch, Bogdan – Notes on the Relevance of Yugoslav Self-Management (pp. 126-60)

(9) Christie, Robert B. – Post-War Industrialization of Southern Yugoslavia: A Southern Perspective (pp. 161-74)


(10) Matejić, Mateja – Newly Discovered Records Concerning Paisij Hilandarski, containing six photocopies (pp. 175-89)


OCCASIONAL PAPERS IN SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES * 1975. This is the second in the series Balkanistica: Occasional Papers in Southeast Studies. The 147-page volume contains eight papers presented at meetings of the American Association for Southeast European Studies held in 1974 and 1975.

Publication Information: Editor Kenneth E. Naylor, Assistant Editor Craig N. Packard * Published for the American Association for South Slavic Studies by Slavic Publishers, Inc.

(1) Prifti, Peter R. – Minority Politics: The Albanians in Yugoslavia (pp. 7-18)

(2) Georgeoff, Peter John – Education of the Albanian Minority in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia (pp. 19-30)

(3) Ward, Charles A. – The Image of the Turk in Mazuranićs Smrt Smail-Aga Čengića (pp. 31-42)

(4) Shashko, Philip – Voices from the Mountain: The Image of the Ottoman-Turk in Bulgarian Literature (pp. 43-64)

(5) Kragalott, Jasna – Turkish Loanwords as an Element of Ivo Andrić’s Literary Style in Na Drini ćuprija (pp. 65-82)

(6) Friedman, Victor A. – Macedonian Language and Nationalism During the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries (pp. 83-98)

(7) Owings, W.A. – Young Bosnia in the Light of a Generation-Conflict Interpretation of Student Movements (pp. 99-116)

(8) Seroka, James H. – Local Sociopolitical Organizations and Public Policy Decision-Making in Yugoslavia (pp. 117-45)

The Constitution and By-Laws of the American Association for Southeast European Studies


OCCASIONAL PAPERS IN SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES * 1976 * Subtitled “Peasant Culture and National Culture in Southeastern Europe,” this volume’s papers, at 154 pages, were presented at the 1976 meeting of the American Association for Southeast European Studies in St. Louis.

Publication Information: Editor Kenneth E. Naylor * Published for the American Association for South Slavic Studies by Slavica Publishers, Inc.


(1) Despalatovic, Elinor Murray – Peasant Culture and National Culture (pp. 9-22)

(2) Sanders, Irwin T. – The Peasant Community and the National Society in Southeastern Europe: An Interpretive Essay (pp. 23-41)

(3) Kazazis, Kostas – Greek and Arvanitika in Corinthia (pp. 42-51)

(4) Halpern, Joel –The Peasant and Nation in Southeastern Europe: A Socio-Cultural Perspective (pp. 52-58)

(5) Friedman, Victor – Peasant and National Culture in Southeastern Europe: A Comment (pp. 59-62)


(6) Lord, Albert Bates – Folklore, “Folklorism” and National Identity (pp. 63-73)

(7) Kremenliev, Boris – Asymmetry as a Continuing and Defining Characteristic in Bulgarian Folk and Art Music (pp. 74-90)

(8) Popovich, Ljubica D. – Some Folkloristic Elements in Medieval Art in the Territories of Serbia and Macedonia (pp. 91-144)

(9) Velimirovic, Milos – Peasant Culture and National Culture: Examples from the Arts (pp. 145-49)

(10) Naylor, Kenneth E. – Remarks on the Relation of Peasant and Urban Culture in the Arts (pp. 150-54).


A JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES * 1977-1978 * According to the editor, this 206-page volume contained papers on the “state of the art” in southeast European studies at the time. Three of the volume’s papers were presented at the 1977 Symposium on Southeastern Europe at The Ohio State University.

Publication Information: Editor Kenneth E. Naylor, Associate Editor E. Garrison Walters * Published for the American Association for South Slavic Studies by Slavica Publishers, Inc.

(1) Naylor, Kenneth E., and E. Garrison Walters – Southeast European Studies in the United States in the Past Decade: An Overview (pp. 7-12)

(2) Halpern, Joel M., and Richard A. Wagner – Anthropological and Sociological Research on the Balkans during the Past Decade (pp. 13-62)

(3) Lampe, John R. – The Study of Southeast European Economics: 1966-77 (pp. 63-88)

(4) Petrovich, Michael B. – American Work on East European History, 1966-77 (pp. 89-122)

(5) Papacosma, S. Victor – American Research on Modern Greece: History and Political Science (1966-1976) (pp. 123-31)

(6) Kazazis, Kostas – Albanian, Modern Greek, and Rumanian Linguistics: 1966-1976 (pp. 132-45)

(7) Stankiewicz, Edward and Kenneth E. Naylor – South Slavic Linguistics in the United States: 1966-1976 (pp. 146-69)

(8) Klein, George and Barbara P. McCrea – An Assessment of Recent American Scholarship in the Field of Balkan Political Studies (pp. 170-206)


A JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES * 1979 * This 194-page volume contains eleven papers which, with the exception of the contribution by Bennett, were presented at the 1977 Symposium/Conference on Southeastern Europe held at The Ohio State University.

Publication Information: Editor Kenneth E. Naylor, Associate Editor E. Garrison Walters * Published for the American Association for South Slavic Studies by Slavic Publishers, Inc.

Part I:

(1) Burks, R.V. – Change and Stability in the Political Life of Southeastern Europe: The Dynamics of Static Political Orders (pp. 13-20)

(2) Remington, Robin Alison – Balkanization of the Military: Party, Army and Peoples’ Militias in Southeastern Europe (pp. 21-40)

(3) Farlow, Robert L. – The Dynamics of Communist Balkan Foreign Policies (pp. 41-58)

Part II:

(4) Prifti, Peter R. – Albania’s New Constitution (pp. 56-69)

(5) Georgeoff, John – The Bureaucracy of Contemporary Bulgarian Educational Institutions (pp. 70-83)

(6) Fischer, Mary Ellen – Nicolae Ceauşescu: His Political Life and Style (pp. 84-99)

(7) Gilberg, Trond – Modernization in Romania (pp. 100-39)

(8) Weiner, Robert – Romania and the United Nations (pp. 140-68)

(9) Chittle, Charles R. – Yugoslav Trade with the Third World (pp. 169-80)

(10) Bennett, Brian C. – Peasants, Businessmen, and Directions for Socioeconomic Change in Rural Coastal Dalmatia, Yugoslavia (pp. 181-94)

Sofia Header


A JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES * 1980 * This 160-page volume contains eleven papers which were presented at the 1977 Symposium/Conference on Southeastern Europe held in Columbus, Ohio.

Publication Information: Editor Kenneth E. Naylor, Associate Editor E. Garrison Walters * Published for the American Association for South Slavic Studies by Slavica Publishers, Inc.


(1) Friedman, Victor A. – The Study of Balkan Admirativity: Its History and Development (pp. 7-30)

(2) Garnes, Sara – American Students’ Perception and Production of Romanian Plosives (pp. 31-44)

(3) Lehiste, Ilse and Pavle Ivić – The Intonation of Yes-or-No Questions – A New Balkanism? (pp. 45-53)

(4) Naylor, Kenneth E. – Some Phonological Characteristics of “Schwa” in Balkan Languages (pp. 54-61)

(5) Pentheroudakis, Joseph E. – Indefinite Descriptions in Modern Greek (pp. 62-73)

(6) Botoman, Rodica, and Donald E. Corbin – A Flexible Multi-Skilled Approach for Communication in Elementary Romanian (pp. 74-87)


(7) Ferrua, Pietro – The Romanian Roots of Cioran (pp. 88-95)

(8) Hyatt, Betty – The Poetic Effect of Sound and Light in Three Plays by Eugene Ionesco (pp. 96-109)

(9) Impey, Michael H. – Romanian Society in Transformation: Marin Preda as Recorder and Interpreter (pp. 110-22)

(10) Georgopoulos, N. – Kazantzakis and Bergson (pp. 123-36)

(11) Myrsiades, Kostas – The Classical Past in Yannis Ritsos’ Dramatic Monologues (pp. 137-46)

(12) Conrad, Joseph L. – Metaphorical Images of Women in South Slavic Proverbs (pp. 147-60)


– A JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES * 1981-1982 * Subtitled “Special Issue on Romania” and guest-edited by Paul E. Michelson, this 175-page volume contains eleven papers on the history and politics of Romania.

Publication Information: Editor E. Garrison Walters, Guest Editor Paul E. Michelson * Published for the American Association for South Slavic Studies by Slavica Publishers, Inc.

Paul E. Michelson – Introduction (pp. 7-8)

(1) Condurachi, Emil – Tropaeum Traiani: The Triumphal Monument (pp. 9-18)

(2) Wilson, Glee E. – The Historical Significance of Tropaeum Traiani: A Commentary (pp. 19-23)

(3) Giurescu, Constantin C. – On the Nature of the Romanian State and Its Unity (pp. 24-33)

(4) Jewsbury, George F. – Romanians and Russians in Bessarabia: 1812-1828 (pp. 34-46)

(5) DeLuca, Anthony R. – Titulescu and the Pursuit of Collective Security: A Case Study (pp. 47-56)

(6) Weiner, Robert – Romania and the League of Nations: The Legacy of Nicolae Titulescu (pp. 57-77)

(7) Niessen, James – Ioan Lupas and the Cluj School of History between the World Wars (pp. 78-91)

(8) Michelson, Paul E. – Romanian Perspectives on Romanian National Development (pp. 92-120)

(9) Bobango, Gerald J. – Recent Historiography on the Cuza Era, 1859-1866 (pp. 121-32)

(10) Frucht, Richard – Romanian Diplomatic Historiography: From Independence to National Unification, 1877-1921 (pp. 133-47)

(11) Fischer, Mary Ellen – Research on Romanian Internal Development since 1944 (pp. 148-75)

Balkanistica was not published between 1983 and 1991.


A JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES * 1992 * Subtitled “Bulgaria Past and Present,” this volume of Balkanistica was published as volume 6 of Indiana Slavic Studies in volume 44 of the Indiana University Russian and East European Series. (Yes, it’s confusing!)

Commentary: This volume was a long time in the making. It represented a transitional phase in the publication history of Balkanistica. No fewer than three editors worked toward its publication, as the editorial, philosophical, scholarly and indeed financial support for the near-24-old journal wavered. Many of the volume’s papers were originally presented at the 1982 Boston meeting of American and Bulgarian scholars. The 259-page volume contains dedications to former Balkanistica editor Kenneth Naylor of The Ohio State University and Michael Boro Petrovich of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Publication Information: Editor John D. Treadway, Former Editors Frederick B. Chary, Kenneth E. Naylor * Published for the American Association for South Slavic Studies by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures of Indiana University.

Preface (iv-v)

Lampe, John R. – In Memoriam: Michael Boro Petrovich (pp. vii-xvii)

Board of Regents, The Ohio State University, and Ronelle Alexander – In Memoriam: Kenneth E. Naylor (pp. xvii-xix)


Sanders, Irwin T. – An Appreciation of Bulgaria’s Past (pp. 1-9)


(1) Baker, Anita B. – The Bulgarian and Russian Cooperative Movements: A Comparison (pp. 10-19)

(2) Bell, John D. -–The Agrarian Movement in Recent Bulgarian Historiography (pp. 20-35)

(3) Chary, Frederick B. – The Effects of the Balkan Wars on Membership in the Bulgarian Agrarian Popular Union (pp. 36-44)

(4) Hall, Richard C. -–The Bulgarians at Adrianople, 1912-1913 (pp. 45-61)

(5) Hupchick, Dennis P. – The Place of the Seventeenth Century in Bulgarian History (pp. 62-72)

(6) Kosev, Dimitar -–The Macedonian Question in the Policy of the Balkan States and the League of Nations, 1923-25 (pp. 73-90)

(7) Petrovic, Michael B. – The Rise of a Critical School of Bulgarian Historiography: Palauzov and Drinov (pp. 91-100)

(8) Pinson, Mark – The Historiography of the Jews of Bulgaria to 1939 -–Present and Future (pp. 101-06)


(9) Galton, Herbert – The Specific Features of Bulgarian Conditional Clauses (pp. 107-12)

(10) Kramer, Christina E. – Analytic Modality in Balkan Slavic (pp. 113-22)

(11) Rudin, Catherine – The Complementizer System of Modern Standard Bulgarian (pp. 123-30)


(12) Cooper, Henry R., Jr. – Balkan Brethren, Dositej Obradović and Sofronji Vračanski: The Autobiography in the Slavic World, a Preliminary Investigation (pp. 131-40)

(13) Frink, Orrin -–Motivational Elements in the Poetry of Khristo Botev (pp. 141-45)

(14) Iovine, Micaela S. – The Problem of Baroque in Bulgarian Literature (pp. 146-57)

(15) Kadić, Ante – “King Vladimir of Dioclea (Duklja) in South Slavic Literatures (pp. 158-69)

(16) Lord, Albert – Bulgarian Traditional Literature in Its Balkan Setting (pp. 170-82)

(17) Nelson, Marilyn – The Justification of the Translation of the Gospel into Slavic: Biblical Typology in the Life of Constantine (pp. 183-92)

(18) Peterson, Ronald E. – Symbolism in Bulgaria: A Reexamination (pp. 193-200)


(19) Kerewsky-Halpern, Barbara – Examining Boundaries of an Ethnography of Communication (pp. 201-09)

(20) Halpern, Joel – Cultural Processes and Temporal Perspectives: Notes on Suburban Villages in Bulgaria (pp. 210-20)


(21) Beynen, G. Koolemand – A Bulgarian Legend in Relation to the Oedipus Tales (pp. 221-23)

(22) Levy, Mark – Contexts of Gajda (Bagpipe) Playing in the Rhodope Mountains of Southern Bulgaria (pp. 224-32)

(23) Marshall, Christopher – Some Observations on the Traditional Musical Beliefs of the Bulgarians and Other South Slavs (pp. 233-39)

(24) Silverman, Carol – The Contemporary Bulgarian Village Wedding: The 1970s (pp. 240-51)

(25) Zhivkov, Todor Iv. – Folklore and Bulgarian National Culture (pp. 252-59)

Balkanistica was also not published between 1993 and 1995.



Bulgaria Past and Present: Transitions and Turning Points – A JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN STUDIES *1996* This volume contains twenty-two papers from the Fifth Joint Meeting of Bulgarian and North American Scholars, which was held May 25-27, 1994 in Pittsburgh.

Publication Information: General Editor Donald L. Dyer, Volume Co-Editors Dennis P. Hupchick and Donald L. Dyer. Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by Design Systems Printing of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Commentary: The publication of Volume 9, at 298 pages, represents a turning point in the history of Balkanistica. With the appearance of this volume, the journal had reorganized. There was a new supporting organization (SEESA), a new editorial board and a new General Editor. Read more about this special issue in the Editor’s Foreword to the volume.

Track 1:

(1) Bell. John D. – The Democratization of Bulgarian Political Life (The Crucial First Steps: 10 November 1989-June 1990) (pp. 3-16)

(2) Davidov, Asen – After Democracy: The Ways of the Post-Totalitarian Bulgarian Intellectuals (pp. 17-23)

(3) Firkatian-Wozniak, Mari – Armenian Emigré Communities in Bulgaria (pp. 24-30)

(4) Freed, Anne O. – Bulgarian Social Services in Transition (pp. 31-41)

(5) Freed, Roy N. – Steps for Law Reform in Bulgaria during the Transition to a Democratic, Market-Economy Society (pp. 42-55)

(6) Freed, Anne O., and Roy N. – Saving the 50,000 Bulgarian Jews within the Old Borders of Bulgaria: Was There No Anti-Semitism in Bulgaria? (pp. 56-63)

(7) Georgeoff, Peter John – The Education of Women During the Bulgarian Reawakening (pp. 64-73)

(8) Hupchick, Dennis P. – A Statistical Overview of Seventeenth-Century Bulgarian Orthodox Society and Culture (pp.74-102)

(9) Leonodov, Atanas – The Bulgarian Model of Transition to a Market Economy: Stabilization and Structural Aspects (pp. 103-17)

(10) Misheva, Vesela (Andrew M. Blasko, trans.) – The Spirit of Tragedy: The Bulgarian Case  (pp. 118-39)

(11) Nestorova, Tatyana – Women’s Studies in Bulgaria: Issues and Possibilities (pp. 140-47)

(12) Penchev, Georgi – The Right to Information on the State of the Environment in Bulgaria (pp. 148-55)

(13) Stoyanova-Boneva, Bonka – Ethnicity in Pirin Macedonia: Blurred Categories, Emergent Minority (pp. 156-65)

(14) Todorova, Olga – Traditions of Bulgarian Orthodoxy from Medieval to Modern Times (with Emphasis on the Period of Ottoman Domination) (pp. 166-76)

Track 2:

(15) Badalanova, Florentina – Ideology and Mythology: An Attempt at a Culturological and Semiotic Analysis of Modern Bulgarian History (pp. 183-92)

(16) Buchanan, Donna A. – Dispelling the Mystery: The Commodification of Women and Musical Tradition in the Marketing of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares (pp. 193-210)

(17) Fielder, Grace E. – DISTANCE as a Prototypical Verbal Category in Bulgarian (pp. 211-25)

(18) Forsyth, Martha – “That’s a nice song, but you can’t sing it like that!” (pp. 226-48)

(19) Levy, Mark – Regional and National Music in Socialist Bulgaria: Identity and Adaptation in Two Gaida (Bagpipe) Traditions (pp. 249-55)

(20) Parpulova-Gribble, Lyubomira – Rereading Elin Pelin at the End of the Twentieth Century (pp. 256-62)

(21) Shishkova, Vasilka, and Tomov, Dimitur – The Present State of Scholarly Publishing in Bulgaria: University Presses (pp. 263-68)

(22) Toops, Gary H. – A Contrastive Survey of the German Konjunktiv and Bulgarian preizkazno naklonenie (pp. 269 -89)

Balkanistica: Summary of Contents, Volumes 1-9 (pp. 292-98)


Нека му е вечна славата: Studies Dedicated to the Memory of Zbigniew Gołąb (19 March 1923-24 March 1994), 1997. This volume, at 436 pages, with maps, tables, an introduction and photos, contains 31 articles on Balkan linguistics written in memory of Professor Zbigniew Gołąb, formerly of the University of Chicago.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer, Volume Co-Editors Victor A. Friedman, Masha Belyavski-Frank, Mark Pisaro and David Testen. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by Design Systems Printing of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Commentary: Read more about this 435-page volume and the scholar to whom it is dedicated by clicking here. Volume 10 is a second “new” thematic issue. Future volumes are expected to be collections of individually submitted and refereed articles and reviews.

A Word from the Publisher, Donald L. Dyer (p. vii)

Notes and Acknowledgments (pp. ix-xx)

In Memoriam: Zbigniew Gołąb, Victor Friedman (pp. 1-2)

Publications of Zbigniew Gołąb (pp. 2-12)

(1) Gołąb, Zbigniew – The Ethnic Background and Internal Linguistic Mechanism of the So-Called Balkanization of Macedonian (pp. 13-19)

(2) Aronson, Howard I. – Transitivity, Reduplication, and Clitics in the Balkan Languages (pp. 20-45)

(3) Bednarczuk, Leszek – On Certain Balkan Isogrammatisms in Albanian (pp.46-54)

(4) Belyavski-Frank, Masha – On the Use of the Aorist in Regional Serbo-Croatian (pp. 55-71)

(5) Browne, Wayles – Verbal Forms with da in Slovenian Complement, Purpose and Result Clauses (pp. 72-80)

(6) Bill J. Darden – On the Prehistory of the Slavic Non-Indicative (pp. 95-107)

(7) Dickey, Stephen – Serbo-Croatian Distributive po (pp. 81-94)

(8) Dyer, Donald L . – Structurally Marked Word Orders in Bulgarian and Their Functional Classifications (pp. 108-25)

(9) Elson, Mark J. – The Romanian Pluperfect Indicative in Historical Perspective (pp. 126-43)

(10) Eminov, Ali – The Movement for Rights and Freedoms and the Issue of Turkish Language Instruction in Bulgaria (pp. 144-61)

(11) Fielder, Grace E. – The Discourse Properties of Verbal Categories in Bulgarian and Implications for Balkan Verbal Categories (pp. 162-84)

(12) Friedman, Victor A. – A Contrastive View of Subordinate Aspect and the Opposition Confirmative/Non-Confirmative in the Balkans with Particular Reference to Macedonian and Turkish (pp. 185-201)

(13) Greenberg, Robert D. – The Interplay of Imperative and Hortative in the Balkan Slavic Dialects (pp. 202-11)

(14) Hacking, Jane F. – Reconciling Exhortative and Non-Exhortative Uses in the Macedonian Imperative (pp. 212-20)

(15) Hamp, Eric P. – Slavic oko “eye” (pp. 221-26)

(16) Ilievski, Petăr Hr. – The Position of the Ancient Macedonian Language and the Modern Name Makedonski (pp. 227-40)

(17) Jašar-Našteva, Olivera – A Contribution to the Study of the Revival of the Aromanians of Macedonia (Based on an Autographed Manuscript by. G. Prličev) (pp. 241-54)

(18) Joseph, Brian D. – Methodological Issues in the History of the Balkan Lexicon: The Case of Greek vre/re and Relatives (pp. 225-77)

(19) Koneski, Blaže –  Slunce (pp. 278-81)

(20) Kramer, Christina – Aspect and Iterativity in Macedonian (pp. 282-95)

(21) Leafgren, John R. – Definiteness, Givenness, Topicality, and Bulgarian Object Reduplication (pp. 296-311)

(22) Minova-Gjurkova, Liljana – Relativization in Macedonian  (pp. 312-24)

(23) Poruciuc, Adrian – Paleo-Balkan Elements in Macedo-Romanian (pp. 325-34)

(24) Rudin, Catherine – Kakvo li e li: Interrogation and Focusing in Bulgarian (pp. 335-46)

(25) Sawicka, Irena – The Dynamics of the Macedonian Phonetic System (pp. 347-58)

(26) Stankiewicz, Edward – The Hypocoristica and Nicknames of the Balkan Slavic Languages (pp. 359-71)

(27) Stefanovski, Ljupčo – The Apologetic Diminutive Strategy in Macedonian (pp. 372-80)

(28) Topolińska, Zuzanna – Relativization – A Strategy for Noun Phrase Complementation? (Relative Clauses in the Macedonian Tarlis Manuscript) (pp. 381-93)

(29) Vakareliyska, Cynthia – The Textology of the Curzon Gospel (pp. 394-410)

(30) Vidoeski, Božidar -–Morphological Patterns of Imperfective Verbs in Dialects of the Macedonian Language (pp. 411-29)

(31) Darden, Bill J. – On Zbigniew Gołąb, the Homeland of the Slavs, the Indo-Europeans, and the Venetae (pp. 430-35)


1998. This volume, at 168 pages, contains eight articles, one review article and three book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by Design Systems Printing of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Commentary: This is the first new volume of Balkanistica to consist entirely of independently submitted and evaluated manuscripts. Read more about this volume in the Editor’s Foreword by clicking here.

Editor’s Foreword (p. vii)

Notes and Acknowledgments (p. viii)


(1) Avgustinova, Tania – Determinedness and Replication of Nominal Material in Bulgarian (pp. 1-17)

(2) Kasumović, Ahmet, with an Introduction by Wayles Browne – Bibliography of Sources on the Language of Bosnia and Hercegovina (pp. 19-29)

(3) Langston, Keith – On the Boundary of Morphology and Phonology: Accentual Alternations in the Cakavian Nominal Inflection (pp. 31-54)

(4) Milojkovic-Djuric, Jelena – The Eastern Question and the Voices of Reason: Panslav Aspirations in Russia and the Balkans, 1875-1878 (pp. 55-68)

(5) Posa, Cristina – Engineering Hatred: The Roots of Contemporary Serbian Nationalism (pp. 69-77)

(6) Shamraj, Tatjana – On the Characteristics of Political Language in the Bulgarian Post-Totalitarian Period: The Language of the Press (pp. 79-85)

(7) Weich-Shahak, Susana – Adaptations and Borrowings in the Balkan Sephardic Repertoire  (pp. 87-125)

(8) Wight, Jonathan B., and M. Louise Fox – Economic Crisis and Reform in Bulgaria, 1989-1992 (pp. 127-46)

Review Article:

(1) Toops, Gary H. –  Studies in Moldovan: The History, Culture, Language and Contemporary Politics of the People of Moldova (edited by Donald L. Dyer) (pp. 151-57)


(1) Greek Jewry in the Twentieth Century, 1913-1983: Patterns of Jewish Survival in the Greek Provinces before and after the Holocaust (by Joshua Eli Plaut), Gerasimus Augustinos (pp. 159-61)

(2) Sephardic Cancionero and Coplas (a compact disc compiled and edited by Susana Weich-Shahak), Judith Cohen (pp. 163-64)

(3) ROMANIA. Atlas Istorico-Geografic. – Atlas Historique-Geographique. – Historical-Geographic Atlas. – Historischer-Geographischer Atlas (edited by Cornelia Bodea et al.), Paul Michelson (p. 165).


1999. This volume, at 162 pages, contains six articles, two review articles and nine book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by Design Systems Printing of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Commentary: This is the second new volume of Balkanistica to consist of independently submitted and evaluated manuscripts. Read more about this volume in the Editor’s Foreword by clicking here.

From the Editor (p. iii)


(1) Butler, Francis – On a Frequently Misidentified Biblical Conflation in the Vita Constantini and Early East Slavic Chronicles (pp. 1-20)

(2) Cain, Jimmie – The Lady of the Shroud: A Novel of Balkan Anglicization (pp. 21-38)

(3) Guzina, Dejan – Inside/Outside Imaginings of the Balkans: The Case of the Former Yugoslavia (pp. 39-66)

(4) Lees, Lorraine – “V for Vision”: Louis Adamic, the United States and Yugoslavia, 1941-1951 (pp. 67-82)

(5) Perkowski, Jan – The Vampires of Bulgaria and Macedonia: An Update (pp. 83-94)

(6) Roper, Steven D. – The Politics of Economic Reform in Moldova (pp. 95-118)

Review Articles:

(1) Buchanan, Donna – Domesticating Revolution: From Socialist Reform to Ambivalent Transition in a Bulgarian Village (by Gerald W. Creed) (pp. 121-25)

(2) Milojković-Djurić, Jelena – U traganju za zlatnim runom ‘In Search of the Golden Fleece’ (by Borislav Pekić)  (pp. 127-31)


(1) Eros, Magic, and the Murder of Professor Culianu (by Ted Anton), Hamilton Beck (pp. 133-36)

(2) Albania: A Modern History (by Miranda Vickers), Robert Elsie (pp. 137-39)

(3) A History of Romania (edited by Kurt W. Treptow), Richard Frucht (pp. 141-42)

(4) Americans and Queen Marie of Romania: A Selection of Documents (by Diana Fotescu), Paul E. Michelson (pp. 143-44)

(5) Scars and Memory, Four Lives in One Lifetime (by Dimitrije Djordjevic), Jelena Milojkovic-Djuric (pp. 145-47)

(6) Bălgarkata: Tradicionni predstavi i promenjašti se realnosti ‘The Bulgarian Woman: Traditional Images and Changing Realities’ (by Tatyana Kotzeva and Irina Todorova), Barbara Reeves-Ellington (pp. 149-51)

(7) Cultural Politics in Greater Romania: Regionalism, Nation Building, and Ethnic Struggle, 1918-1930 (by Irina Livezeanu), Steve Roper (pp. 153-54)

(8) Mic atlas al dialectului aromân din Albania şi din fosta republica iugoslavă Macedonia (by Petru Neiescu), Emil Vrabie (pp. 155-57)

(9) Istrorumunjsko-Hrvatski Rječnik (s gramatikom i tekstovima) (by August Kovacec), Emil Vrabie (pp. 159-61)

Zagreb Header

BALKANISTICA 13, Special Millennial Issue (2000)

2000. This volume, at 210 pages, contains seven articles, two review articles and twelve book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

Commentary: This is the third new volume of Balkanistica to consist of independently submitted and evaluated manuscripts and the first issue of Balkanistica of the twenty-first century! Read more about this volume in the Editor’s Foreword by clicking here.

Table of Contents (pp. iii-v)

From the Editor (p. vii)


(1) Iordanova, Dina – Are the Balkans Admissible? The Discourse on Europe (pp. 1-34)

(2) Elsie, Robert – The Christian Saints of Albania (pp. 35-58)

(3) Elson, Mark J. –  Number in Romanian Nominal Paradigms (pp. 59-80)

(4) Milojković-Djurić, Jelena – Culture in an Occupied Territory: Bosnia-Hercegovina in the Aftermath of the Berlin Congress  (pp. 81-104)

(5) Miltenova, Anisava – Medieval Apocalyptic Texts in the Context of Bulgarian Cultural Anthropology (pp. 105-12)

(6) Mitkovska, Liljana – The Functional Distribution of the Possessive Suffixes -ov(-ev)/-in in Bulgarian and Macedonian (pp. 113-30)

(7) Peters, Karen L. – Representations of Macedonia in Contemporary Ethnopop Songs of Southwest Bulgaria (pp. 131-63)


(1) Nicolae Iorga: A Biography, by Nicholas M. Nagy-Talavera, and the Paradigm of Cultural Nationalism in East-Central Europe, Constantin Iordachi (pp. 167-74)

(2) Selected Poems of Anghel Dumbraveanu in Romanian and English: Love and Winter, (translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Irina Grigorescu Pana), Dorin Motz (pp. 175-80)


(1) Easter in Kishinev: Anatomy of a Pogrom (by Edward H. Judge), Hamilton Beck (pp. 183-85)

(2) Slovenski jezik – Slovene Linguistic Studies 1 and 2 (edited by Marc L. Greenberg and Marko Snoj), William Derbyshire (pp. 186-88)

(3) The Development of the System of Representation in Yugoslavia with Special Reference to the Period since 1974 (by George A. Potts), Dejan Guzina (pp. 189-90)

(4) A Clash of Empires: Turkey between Russian Bolshevism and British Imperialism, 1918-1923 (by Bulent Gökay), John Hatzadony (pp. 191-92)

(5) Scramble for the Balkans: Nationalism, Globalism and the Political Economy of Reconstruction (edited by Carl-Ulrik Schierup), John Hatzadony (pp. 193-94)

(6) A Handbook of Vlax Romani (by Ian Hitchcock), Donald Kenrick (pp. 195-197)

(7) The Typology and Dialectology of Romani (edited by Yaron Matras, Peter Bakker and Hristo Kyuchukov), Charles King (p. 198)

(8) Turkish and Other Muslim Minorities in Bulgaria (by Ali Eminov), Linda Nelson (pp. 199-200)

(9) Women in the Politics of Postcommunist Eastern Europe (edited by Marilyn Rueschemeyer), Barbara Reeves-Ellington (pp. 201-03)

(10) Romania under Communist Rule, Dennis Deletant (Jim Seroka) (pp. 204-05)

(11) Turco-Bulgarica. Articles in English and French concerning Turkish Influence on Bulgarian (by Alf Grannes), Emil Vrabie (pp. 206-07)

(12) Basic Burushaski Etymologies. The Indo-European and Paleo-Balkanic Affinities of Burushaski (by Ilija Čašule), Emil Vrabie (pp. 208-09).


2001. This volume, at 210 pages, contains six articles, three review articles and fifteen book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

Click here to read more about this volume in the Editor’s Foreword.

Table of Contents (p. iii)

From the Editor (p. vii)


(1) Buzharovska, Eleni – Accusative and Dative Clitics in Southern Macedonian and Northern Greek Dialects (pp. 1-18)

(2) Daskalovski, Zhidas – A Study of the Legal Framework of the Macedonian Broadcasting Media (1991-1998): From Deregulation to a European Paradigm (pp. 19-42)

(3) Leafgren, John R. – Parallels between Possessors and Other Datives in Bulgarian (pp. 43-82)

(4) Lundberg, Grant – Loss of Tonemic Oppositions in Eastern Haloze, Slovenia: An Instrumental Study (pp. 83-100)

(5) Nikolova, Svelina – Bulgarian Cyrillo-Methodian Research: A History and Prospects for the Future (pp. 101-16)

(6) Tokay, A. Gül – Ottoman-Bulgarian Relations, 1878-1908 (pp. 117-37)


(1) Recent Studies on Albanian Nationalism at the End of the Ottoman Empire from Turkey and the Arab World: Reviews of Osmanli Yonetiminde Arnavutluk: Arnavut Ulusculugunun Gelisimi ‘Albania under Ottoman Administration: The Growth of Albanian Nationalism,’ by Nuray Bozbora, and ‘Al-Naz’aat al-Kiyaaniyyah al-Islaamiyyah fi al-Dawlah al-Uthmaaniyyah, 1877-1881: Bilaad al-Shaam, al-Hijaaz, Kurdistaan, Albaaniyaa ‘The Fragmentation of the Islamic Structure in the Ottoman State, 1877-1881: Syria, Hijaz (Saudi Arabia — Mecca and Medina), Kurdistan and Albania,’ by ‘Abd al-Ra’uf Sinnu, Isa Blumi (pp. 139-44)

(2) Problemy jazyka, istorii i kul’tury bolgarskoj diaspory v Moldove i Ukraine ‘Problems of Language, History and Culture of the Bulgarian Diaspora in Moldova and Ukraine,’ by S.Z. Novakov, G.A. Gajdarzhi, P.F. Stojanov and N.N. Chervenkov (eds), and Bulgarian Studies in Moldova, Donald L. Dyer (pp. 145-52)

(3) Balancing in the Balkans (by Raymond Tanter and John Psarouthakis), John Pickles (pp. 153-62)


(1) The Fragmentation of Yugoslavia: Nationalism in a Multinational State (by Aleksandar Pavković, Elinor Murray Despalatović (pp. 161-62)

(2) Themes in Greek Linguistics II (edited by Brian D. Joseph, Geoffrey C. Horrocks and Irina Philippaki-Warburton), Grace E. Fielder (pp. 163-64)

(3) Essays on Romanian History (by Radu R. Florescu), Gloria Fulton (pp. 165-67)

(4) The National Question in Yugoslavia: Origins, History, Politics, (by Ivo Banać), John Georgeoff) (pp. 168-69)

(5) The New Macedonian Question (edited by James Pettifer, Robert Greenberg (pp. 170-72)

(6) Albanian Newspaper Reader, David L. Cox (Brian D. Joseph) (pp. 173-74)

(7) Croatia: A Nation Forged in War (by Marcus Tanner), Christopher Lamont (pp. 175-77)

(8) Communist Terror in Romania: Gheorghiu-Dej and the Police State, 1948-1965 (by Dennis Deletant), Leon Lowder (pp. 178-79)

(9) A Short Grammar of Contemporary Bulgarian (by Kjetil Ra Hauge), Katia McClain (pp. 180-82)

(10) Introducere în etimologia limbii române ‘An Introduction to the Etymology of the Romanian Language’ (by Marius Sala), Olga M. Mladenova (pp. 183-85)

(11) Slavica Vilnensis 1999, Serija “Kalbotyra” 48 (2) (edited by Nadezhda Morozova and Valeri Cekmonas), Olga M. Mladenova (pp. 186-88)

(12) Gramotnost, Knižnina, Čitateli, Četene v Bălgaria na prehoda kăm modernoto vreme ‘Literacy, Books, Readers, and Reading in Bulgaria on the Road to Modernity’ (by Krassimira Daskalova), Barbara Reeves-Ellington (pp. 189-92)

(13) Bulgarian Urban Culture in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (by Raina Gavrilova), Philip Shashko (pp. 193-94)

(14) Šopski letopis, razkazi i odumki ‘Shop Chronicles, Tales and Gossip’ (by Dani Čakalova),  Yovka Tisheva and Radko Shopov (pp. 197-201)

(15) The Greek Diaspora in the Twentieth Century (edited by Richard Clogg), John J. Yiannias (pp. 202-03)

IN MEMORIAM. The Life and Works of Gavril Arkadievič Gajdarži (by Donald L. Dyer) (pp. 205-10).


2002. Papers from the Third Conference on Formal Approaches to South Slavic and Balkan Linguistics. This volume, at 404 pages, contains eighteen articles originally written for the above conference.

Publication Information: Volume Editors: Mila Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Donald L. Dyer, Iliyana Krapova and Catherine Rudin. General Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

Click here to read the Foreword to the volume.

Publisher’s Foreword (p. vii-viii)

From the Co-Editors: Why Formal Linguistics? (pp. ix-xii)

From the Co-Editors: The History of the Volume (pp. xiii-xv)

(1) Avram, Larissa, and Martin Coene – Romanian Genitive/Dative Clitics as Last Resort (pp. 1-34)

(2) Boskovic , Zheljko – On Certain Differences between Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian C(P) (pp. 35-48)

(3) Boskovic, Zheljko, and Steven Franks – Phonology-Syntax Interactions in South Slavic (pp. 49-76)

(4) Cainjk, Andrew – In Favor of a “Clitic Cluster” in the Bulgarian and Macedonian DP (pp. 75-102)

(5) Cornilescu, Alexandra – On Focusing and Wh-Movement in Romanian (pp. 103-28)

(6) Crainiceanu, Ilinca – Aspect and Coercion in the Romanian Perfect Compus and Imperfect (pp. 129-46)

(7) Derzhanski, Ivan A. – Presupposition and Interrogation (The Formation of Yes/No Questions: Some Unexpected Restrictions and What They Can Teach Us) (pp. 147-70)

(8) Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila – The Realization of Number in the Balkan Languages (pp. 171-92)

(9) Guentchéva, Zlatka – The Semantics and Functions of Prefixes (pp. 193-216)

(10) Hauge, Kjetil Rå  – Bulgarian Pragmatic Particles Borrowed from Turkish (pp. 217-38)

(11) Ionescu, Daniela – The Subject of the Small Clause (pp. 239-70)

(12) Janewa, Valja – Bulgarian Object Clitics and Information Structure (pp. 271-92)

(13) Krapova, Iliyana, and Tsena Karastaneva – On the Structure of the CP Field in Bulgarian (pp. 293-322)

(14) Lindstedt, Jouko – Is There a Balkan Verb System? (pp. 323-36)

(15) Stepanov, Arthur, and Penka Stateva – Quoting Bulgarian: On the Syntax of Direct Speech (pp. 337-48)

(16) Trommer, Jochen – The Post-Syntactic Morphology of the Albanian Pre-Posed Article: Evidence for Distributed Morphology (pp. 349-64)

(17) Venkova, Tzvetomira – A Local Grammar Model for Unsupervised Recognition of Compound Conjunctions (pp. 365-95)

(18) Choroleeva , Maria -–On One Type of Verbal Construction with the Reflexive Pronoun se in Bulgarian (pp. 395-405).


2003. This volume, at 307 pages, contains eleven articles, six review articles and twenty-four book reviews. Two small booklets accompany this volume: (1) In Memoriam: Kosta Kazazis, written and compiled by Victor A. Friedman, 8 pp.; and (2) an Index of volumes I-15 of Balkanistica.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

Click here to read the Foreword to the volume.


(1) Butler, Francis – A Cyrillo-Methodian Entry and a Gap in the Menology of the Slepče Apostol (pp. 1-18)

(2) Czobor-Lupp, Mihaela – Identity from an Aesthetic Perspective: Rethinking Bakhtin in the Context of Romanian Culture (pp. 19-60)

(3) Hamp, Eric P. – Romanian pastra (pp. 61-62)

(4) Hamp, Eric. P. – Slovene vtic, Resian wtïk (pp. 63-66)

(5) Hamp, Eric. P. – For Karen at a Half-Century and Then a Little More: Gravity in Romanian (pp. 67-68)

(6) Hamp, Eric. P. – The Rules for Definite Marking in Modern Bulgarian (pp. 69-70)

(7) Hill, Virginia – Discourse Markers in Interrogative Clauses (pp. 71-96)

(8) Milojković-Djurić, Jelena – Thespian and Musical Life in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Austro-Hungarian Occupation and Annexation 1878-1914 (pp. 97-116)

(9) Perkowski, Jan – The End of Childhood Is a Time of Magic: The Case of the Balkan Slavs (pp. 117-26)

(10) Prousis, Theophilus C. – Russian Trade Prospects in Smyrna: An 1812 Consular Report (pp. 127-38)

(11) Warner, Vessela S. – Totalitarianism in Bulgarian Décor: Text and Context in Ivan Radoev’s The Cannibal (1976) (pp. 139-56)


(1) The War in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Ethnic Conflict and International Intervention (by Steven L. Burg and Paul S. Shoup), Isa Blumi (pp. 159-64)

(2) Yugoslavia as History: Twice There Was a Country and The Balkans: From Constantinople to Communism, Thomas J. Hegarty (pp. 165-70)

(3) The Moldovans: Romania, Russia and the Politics of Culture and Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Moldova, Paul Michelson (pp. 171-78)

(4) Jevrejski pisci u srpskoj književnosti ‘Jewish Writers in Serbian Literature’ (by Predrad Palavestra), Jelena Milojković-Djurić (pp. 179-88)

(5) Comparative Remarks on Two Aromanian Dictionaries: Dictionar aromân (macedo-vlah), A-D, comparativ, contextual, normativ, modern ‘A Modern Comparative, Contextual and Normative Aromanian (Macedo-Vlah) Dictionary, A-D’ and An English-Aromanian (Macedo-Romanian) Dictionary with Two Introductory Sketches on Aromanian, Olga M. Mladenova (pp. 189-94)

(6) Cinema of Flames: Balkan Film, Culture and the Media (by Dina Iordanova), Galia Valtchinova (pp. 195-204)


(1) La crisi albanese 1997. L’azione dell’Italia e delle organizzazioni internazionali verso un nuovo modello di gestione della crisi? ‘The 1997 Albanian Crisis. The Action of Italy and International Organizations toward a New Model of Conflicts Management? (edited by Andreas Maria de Guttry and Fabrizio Pagani), Giovanni Armillotta (pp. 207-09)

(2) Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine: The Greek Catholic Church and the Ruthenian National Movement in Galicia, 1867-1900 (by John-Paul Himka), Gerasimus Augustinos (pp. 210-11)

(3) Approaching Ottoman History: An Introduction to the Sources (by Suraiya Faroqhi), Isa Blumi (pp. 212-14)

(4) Ethnologia Balkanica (Journal for Southeast European Anthropology) (edited by Klaus Roth et al.), Isa Blumi (pp. 215-17)

(5) A Monetary History of the Ottoman Empire (by Sevket Pamuk), Isa Blumi (pp. 218-221)

(6) Balkan as Metaphor: Between Globalization and Fragmentation (edited by Dušan I. Bjelić and Obrad Savić), Cristina Bradatan (pp. 222-25)

(7) The “Lives” of SS Constantine-Cyril and Methodius: Two Hagiographic Works in Honour of the Slavic Apostles (Valentin Vulchanov), Francis Butler (pp. 226-27)

(8) The 3000 Years Old Hat, New Connections with Old Europe: The Thraco-Phrygian World (by Irina Florov and Nicholas Florov), Ana Chelariu (pp. 228-30)

(9) The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of the Balkans (by Dennis P. Hupchick and Harold E. Cox), Evguenia Davidova (pp. 231-33)

(10) Descriptive Romanian Grammar: An Outline (by Laura Daniliuc and Radu Daniliuc), Donald L. Dyer and Valentina Iepuri (pp. 234-37)

(11) Albanskij toskijskij govor sela Lešnja (kraina Skrapar): Sintaksis, Leksika, Etnolingvistika, Teksty ‘The Albanian Tosk Dialect of the Village of Leshnja (Skrapar Region): Syntax, Lexicon, Ethnolinguistics, Texts’ (by Dželjal’ Jully [Xhelal Ylli] and Andrej N. Sobolev), Victor A. Friedman (pp. 238-40)

(12) Comparative Syntax of the Balkan Languages (edited by María Luisa Rivero and Angela Ralli), Virginia Hill (pp. 241-44)

(13) Croatia: A History (by Ivo Goldstein), James Krokar (pp. 245-46)

(14) Modern Hatreds: The Symbolic Politics of Ethnic War (by Stuart J. Kaufman), Christopher Lamont (pp. 247-50)

(15) Papers from the Second Conference on Formal Approaches to South Slavic Languages (University of Trondheim Working Papers in Linguistics 31) (edited by Mila Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Lars Hellen, Ivan Kasabov and Iliyana Krapova), John R. Leafgren (pp. 251-54)

(16) Magijska šaputanja, pesme i bajalice Sokobanjskog Kraja, Sokobanja ‘The Magical Whisperings, Songs and Incantations of the Sokobanskij Region of Sokobanje’ (by Golub Radovanović), Jelena Milojković-Djurić (pp. 255-57)

(17) Dromena (by Dragoslav Antonijević), Jelena Milojković-Djurić (pp. 258-59)

(18) Nov bălgarsko-anglijski rečnik, Obšt i politehničeski ‘New Bulgarian-English Dictionary: General and Polytechnical’ (by Gočo Čakalo et al.), Olga M. Mladenova (pp. 260-63)

(19) Serbian Australians in the Shadow of the Balkan War (by Nicholas G. Proctor), Sam Pryke (pp. 264-66)

(20) Religija i cărkva v Bălgarija ‘Religion and Church in Bulgaria’ (by Georgi Bakalov),  Barbara Reeves-Ellington (pp. 267-70)

(21) The Problem of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav Border; Difference, Identity, and Sovereignty in Twentieth-Century Europe (by Glenda Sluga), Marijan Sabic (pp. 271-72)

(22) Recent Social Trends in Bulgaria, 1960-1995 (edited by Nikolai Genov and Anna Krasteva), Galia Valtchinova (pp. 273-74)

(23) Ultima Carte ‘The Final Book.’ The Integral Text of Anton Golopenţia’s Declarations under Arrest Kept in the Archives of the Romanian Service for Information (edited by Sanda Golopenţia), Emil Vrabie (pp. 277-79)

(24) Cry of a Former Dog: Poems of Konstantin Pavlov (translated by Ludmila Popova-Wightman), Vessela S. Warner (pp. 280-83)

IN MEMORIAM: Kostas Kazazis (pp. 287-96) and Emil Vrabie (pp. 297-306)



2004. This volume, at 196 pages, contains six articles, three review articles and fifteen book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

Click here to read the Foreword to the volume.


(1) Baer, Josette – Bulgaria’s Divided Minds? On Zhelyu Zhelevís “Conformist Dissent” (pp 1-22)

(2) Ciscel, Matthew H. – Language and Ideology in the Print Media of Post-Soviet Moldova (pp. 23-42)

(3) Hamp, Eric. P. – i nëmur ‘poor, (ac)cursed,’ Geg nâmë ‘curse’ (pp. 43-44)

(4) Lamont, Christopher – A New Croatian Right: Nationalist Political Parties and Contemporary Croatian Politics (pp. 4-66)

(5) Prousis, Theophilus C. – Archival Gleanings on Russian Trade and Consulates in the Near East (pp. 67-78)

(6) Tchizmarova, Ivelina – Expressivity and a Pragmatic Constraint on Object Reduplication in Bulgarian (pp. 79-134)


(1) The Symbolism of Light in Ion Creanga’s Memories of My Boyhood, Marina Cap-Bun (pp. 137-44)

(2) History of the Serbs in Croatia and Slavonia 1848-1914 (by Vasilije Dj. Krestić), Jelena Milojković-Djurić (pp. 145-48)

(3) “Femme or Foe?” Review of Assignment: Bucharest: An American Diplomat’s View of the Communist Takeover of Romania (by Donald Dunham), Anne Quinney (pp. 149-53)


(1) The Architecture of Historic Hungary (edited byDora Wiebenson and Jozsef Sisa), Rozmeri Basić (pp. 157-59)

(2) A Dictionary of Turkisms in Bulgarian (by Alf Grannes, Kjetil Rå Hauge and Hazrize Sülemanoglu), Masha Belyavski-Frank (pp. 160-61)

(3) Women Who Become Men: Albanian Sworn Virgins (by Antonia Young), Isa Blumi (pp. 162-64)

(4) Society, the City and Industry in the Balkans, 15th-19th Centuries (by Nikolai Todorov), Isa Blumi (pp. 165-67)

(5) Kosovo: Background to a War (by Stephen Schwartz), Isa Blumi (pp. 168-69)

(6) Grundfragen eines Südosteuropasprachatlas: Geschichte, Problematik, Perspektive, Konzeption, Methode, Pilotprojekt ‘Foundational Questions of a Southeast European Language Atlas: History, Problems, Perspectives, Conception, Methods, Pilot Project’ (edited by Helmut Schaller), Matthew H. Ciscel (pp. 170-71)

(7) Markets and Moralities: Ethnographies of Post-Socialism (edited by Ruth Mandel and Caroline Humphrey), Matthew H. Ciscel (pp. 172-73)

(8) Russian-Ottoman Relations in the Levant: The Dashkov Archive (by Theophilus C. Prousis), Evguenia Davidova (pp. 174-76)

(9) Emir Kusturica: BFI World Directors Series (by Dina Iordanova, Nergis Ertürk (pp. 177-78)

(10) Albanskij gegskij govor sela Muhurr (kraina Dibër): Sintaksis, Leksika, Etnolingvistika, Teksty ‘The Albanian Geg Dialect of the Village of Muhurr (Dibër region): Syntax, Lexicon, Ethnolinguistics, Texts’ (by Dželjali Jully [Xhelal Ylli] and Andrej N. Sobolev), Victor A. Friedman (pp. 179-82)

(11) Treasures of Jewish Art: The 1673 Illuminated Scroll of Esther Offered to a Romanian Hierarch (by Cornelia Bodea), Paul E. Michelson (pp. 183-84)

(12) Dijalog prošlosti i sadašnjosti: Zbornik radova ‘Dialogue of the Past with the Present: Collected Studies’ (by Milorad Ekmečić), Jelena Milojković-Djurić (pp. 185-86)

(13) Biskup Strosmejer u svetlu novih izvora ‘Bishop Strossmayer in Light of New Sources’ (by Vasilije Dj. Krestić), Jelena Milojković-Djurić (pp. 187-90)

(14) Modernism in Serbia: The Elusive Margins of Belgrade Architecture (by Ljiljana Blagojević), Sunnie Rucker-Chang (pp. 191-92)

(15) Politics of Identity in Serbia. Essays in Political Anthropology (by Ivan Čolović), Galia Valtchinova (pp. 193-96)


2005. This volume, at 172 pages, contains six articles, four review articles and seven book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

Click here to read the Foreword to the volume.


(1) Ašić, Tijana – The pona and u Opposition in Serbian and Its Equivalent in Bulgarian: Relations among Mass-Count Nouns, Definiteness and the Temporal Reading (pp. 1-30)

(2) Giannakopolous, Angelos, and Esat Bozigit – The European Perspective on Turkey: Historical-Cultural and Political Aspects (pp. 31-60)

(3) Kramer, Christina – Pronominal Variation in the Dialect of Vrbnik, Albania (pp. 61-70)

(4) Lundberg, Grant – Dialect Divergence on the Slovene-Croatian National Border (pp. 71-84)

(5) Schallert, Joseph – Historical Phonology of the Macedonian Dialect of Vrbnik (Albania) (pp. 85-12)

(6) Stojanova, Christina – Beyond Dracula and Ceauşescu: The Phenomenology of Horror in Romanian Cinema (pp. 113-27)


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2006. An Anthology of Bulgarian Literature. This volume, at 333 pages, contains selections by 39 Bulgarian authors.

Publication Information: Volume Editors: Ivan Mladenov and Henry R. Cooper, Jr. General Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published by Slavica Publishers of Bloomington, Indiana (ISBN: 978-0893573294).


2007. This volume, at 220 pages, contains eight articles, four review articles and 13 book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Clark, Jamie Natalya – Miloševic and the View from Below: Exploring How He Is Seen by His Own People (pp. 1-28)

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2008. This volume, at 179 pages, contains seven articles and seven book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Bašić, Monika – On Nominal Subextractions in Serbian (pp. 1-56)

(2) Lamont, Christopher – Explaining the Regeneration of the Croatian Democratic Union in Post-Presidential Authoritarian Croatia: Elites, Legacies and Party Organization (pp. 57-86)

(3) Milkova, Liliana – Materializing the Past: On Post-Socialist Art in Bulgaria (pp. 87-98)

(4) Milojkovic-Djuric, Jelena – Voices of Remembrance: Borislav Pekic’s Correspondence with Danilo Kiš  (pp. 99-108)

(5) Prousis, Theophilus C. – Storm Warnings in the Straits: Russian-Ottoman Trade Issues (pp. 109-24)

(6) Stanojević, Veran – Bare and Modified Cardinal Numerals in Serbian: Semantic Challenges and Interpretative Differences (pp. 125-50)

(7) Zaidi, Ali – Reenchanting the World (pp. 151-58)


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2009. This volume, at 262 pages, contains eleven articles, two review articles and nine book reviews.

Publication Information: Editor Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Hammond, Andrew – Contemporary Gothic Fiction and the European Margins (pp. 1-20)

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(3) Hamp, Eric. P. – Western Dialect Features in the 16th-Century Damaskin (pp. 25-26)

(4) Leafgren, John – How Gerund-like Are Bulgarian kato Clauses? (pp. 27-40)

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(7) Mladenova, Olga M. – The Diachrony of Bulgarian Quantification (pp. 89-132)

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2010. This volume, at 415 pages, contains fifteen articles. This is a special conference volume with papers from the 16th Balkan Conference on Balkan and South Slavic Linguistics, Literatures and Folklore, held in April of 2008 in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Publication Information: Volume Co-Editors: Donald L. Dyer, Olga Mladenova and Tom Priestly. General Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

(1) Belić, Bojan – AB OVO: When OVO and OVO Are Different (pp. 1-20)

(2) Browne, Wayles – Syntactic Studies in Burgenland Croatian: The Order of Clitics (pp. 21-42)

(3) Bužarovska , Eleni, and Liljana Mitkovska – The Grammaticalization of the habere-Perfect in Standard Macedonian (pp. 43-66)

(4) Curtis, Matthew C. – Xhorxh, xhuxhmaxhuxh and the xhaxhallerë: The Xenophonemic Status of Albanian /xh/ (pp. 67-96)

(5) Dukova, Ute – On Sacred Time in Balkan Languages: The Lexicon of the Popular Calendar Feast (pp. 97-106)

(6) Friedman, Victor A. – Turkish Grammar in Balkan Romani: Hierarchies of Markedness in Balkan Linguistics (pp. 107-24)

(7) Hill, Virginia – The Status of Romanian ia in Imperative Clauses (pp. 125-42)

(8) Makartsev, Maksim M. – Elusive Evidentials in Translation: An Analysis of One Folklore Text (pp. 143-80)

(9) Mladenova, Darina – From Linguistic Geography toward Areal Linguistics: A Case Study of Tomatoes in the Eastern Balkans (pp. 181-236)

(10) Mladenova, Olga – Modern Bulgarian ta (pp. 237-66)

(11) Priestly, Tom – On the Diffusion of Romanian mai in Ukrainian Dialects (pp. 267-84)

(12) Schallert, Joseph – The Non-Concordant Neuter l-Perfect in South Slavic: General Typology and Constructions Involving Human Experiencers and Patients (pp. 285-332)

(13) Smirnova, Anastasia – Cross-Linguistic Variation in the Temporal Domain: The Meaning of Tense in Bulgarian and Albanian (pp. 333-60)

(14) Thomas, George – Serbo-Croatian as a Bridge between the Balkan and Central European Sprachbünde (pp. 371-88)

(15) Tomić, Olga Mišeška – Nominal and Clausal Clitics Expressing Possession in the Balkan Languages (pp. 389-415)

Macedonia Header


2011. This volume, at 324 pages, contains ten articles, three review articles, seven reviews and one “In Memoriam.”

Publication Information: Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Aretov, Nikolay – Bulgarian Émigrés and Their Literature: A Gaze from Home (pp. 1-24)

(2) Blumi, Isa – Entangled Trajectories: The Interwoven Interests of the Local and the Evolution of Modern Imperialism in the Balkans (pp. 25-58)

(3) Crowder, Ashby – Lineages of Romanian Cultural Protectionism: From the “Great Debate” to the Protochronists (pp. 59-86)

(4) Davison, Joan – Whither or Wither: Disaffection, Intransigence and Democratization in Bosnia and Hercegovina (pp. 87-106)

(5) Ellis, Burcu – The “Sandwich Generation”: Skilled Labor Migration and Transnational Families in Macedonia (pp. 107-28)

(6) Mitrojorgji, Lejnar – Borders of Identity: The Greek-Albanian Union of 1907 and the Epirote Question in the Late Ottoman Period (pp. 129-74)

(7) Simon, Jr., Gyorgyi – Serbia and the European Union (pp. 175-200)

(8) Stallaerts, Robert – Shifting Images of Society in Bosnian Fiction (pp. 201-20)

(9) Warner, Vessela – Territorial and National Identity in Macedonian Drama (pp. 221-36)

(10) Williams, Colin C., Abbi Kedir and Meyrem Kethi – Illegitimate Wage Practices in Southeast Europe: An Evaluation of “Envelope Wages” (pp. 237-62).


(1) Francophonie and Its Romanian Entanglements: A Review Article, Silviu Hariton (pp. 263-82)

(2) Rumänien, der Holocaust und die Logik der Gewalt (‘Romania, the Holocaust and the Logic of Violence’) (by Armin Heinen), Stefan Ihrig (pp. 283-88)

(3) Gothic Paroxysm in Ruxandra Cesereanu’s Venice with Violet Veins, Fevronia Novac (pp. 289-27)


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(2) Balkan Strongmen: Dictators and Authoritarian Rulers of Southeastern Europe (edited by Bernd J. Fischer), Stefan Ihrig (pp. 302-03)

(3) Peacebuilding in the Balkans: The View from the Ground Floor (by Paula M. Pickering), Emilian Kavalski (pp. 304-06)

(4) State and Society in Post-Socialist Economies (edited by John Pickles), Emilian Kavalski (pp. 307-09)

(5) Muslim Lives in Eastern Europe: Gender, Ethnicity, and the Transformation of Islam in Postsocialist Bulgaria (by Kristen Ghodsee), Emilian Kavalski (pp. 310-12)

(6) The New Albanian Migration (edited by Russell King, Nicola Mai and Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers), Branislav Radeljic (pp. 313-15)

(7) Wer sind die Moldawier? Rumänismus versus Moldowanismus in Historiographie und Schulbüchern der Republik Moldova, 1991-2006 (by Stefan Ihrig), Vladmir Solonari (pp. 316-19)


In Memoriam: Dimitrije Djordjević, 1922-2009, Jelena Milojković-Djurić (p. 321)

BALKANISTICA 25:1 (2012)

2012. This volume, at 343 pages, contains fourteen articles, one review article and five reviews. Together with volume 25:2 it comprises Balkanistica’s first double issue.

Publication Information: Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Andrason, Alexander ‒ When the ima-Perfect “Becomes” a Past (pp. 1-30)

(2) Connor, Georgeta ‒ An Insight into European Rural Studies with an Emphasis on Rural Romania (pp. 31-62)

(3) Drakulic, Slobodan ‒ Freaks and Flukes in the Making of Serbo-Croat Relations (pp. 63-96)

(4) Gingeras, Ryan ‒ “Scores Dead in Smerdesh”: A Micro-Study of Intercommunal Violence and International Intrigue in Ottoman Macedonia (pp. 97-120)

(5) Ivanova-Sullivan, Tanya, and Yana Hashamova ‒ Bulgarian Crime Fiction: From Artistry to Arbitrariness (pp. 121-46)

(6) Pettifer, James ‒ Woodhouse, Zervas and the Chams: Exploring the Second World War Heritage (pp. 147-62)

(7) Popovich, Ljudmila – Unpacking Independence in a State of Her Own: Montenegro’s Fictional Females and the En/Gendering of the National Image (pp. 163-76)

(8) Silander, Daniel ‒ Kosovo’s Independence in Retrospective: UNMIK’s Policy under Scrutiny (pp. 177-92)

(9) Simon, Jr., György ‒ Characteristics of Growth and Catching-Up in Serbia’s Economy (pp. 193-220)

(10) Čašule, Ilija ‒ Macedonian and South Slavic Lexical Correspondences with Burushaski (pp. 221-55)


(11) Friedman, Victor A. ‒ Bai Ganyo Today: New Approaches to a Bulgarian Classic (pp. 259-62)

(12) Kramer, Christina ‒ Vir Balcanicus and Mulier Balcanica: Living Stereotypes in Bai Ganyo (pp. 263-74)

(13) Rudin, Catherine ‒ Bai Ganyo’s Revenge: The Persistence of Turkisms in Modern Bulgarian (pp. 275-90)

(14) Fielder, Grace A. ‒ Lost in Translation: Discourse Markers in Bai Ganyo (pp 291-302)

(15) Friedman, Victor A. ‒ The Languages of Bai Ganyo: Codeswitching as Social Commentary (pp. 303-17)


The Global Turn in Postcommunist Europe: A Historical and Cultural Perspective, Christian Moraru (ed.), by Laura E. Savu (321-29)


(1) Sarajevo, 1941-1945: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Hitler’s Europe (by Emily Greble), Lucien J. Frary (pp. 333-35)

(2) The Greengrocer and His TV: The Culture of Communism after the 1968 Prague Spring (by Paulina Bren),  Corina L. Petrescu (pp. 336-37)

(3) Usponi srpske kulture: Književni, muzicki i likovni život 1900-1918 ‘Ascents of Serbian Culture: Literary, Musical and Fine Arts Life 1900-1918’ (by Jelena Milojković-Djurić), Vasa D. Mihailovich (pp. 338-39)

(4) Malyj dialektologičeskij atlas balkanskix jazykov ‘Small Dialectological Atlas of the Balkan Languages’ (edited by Andrej Sobolev), Adam Siegel (pp. 340-41)

(5) Bilder von Eigenen und Fremden aus dem Donau-Balkan Raum ‘Images of Self and Other in the Danube-Balkan Region’ (edited by Gabriella Schubert and Wolfgang Dahmen), Adam Siegel (pp. 342-43)

BALKANISTICA 25:2 (2012)

2012. This volume, at 346 pages, contains 23 articles and is subtitled Macedonian Matters: Proceedings from the Seventh Macedonian-North American Conference on Macedonian Studies. It is a special volume of conference papers, which together with volume 25:1, comprises Balkanistica’s first double issue.

Publication Information: Co-Editors: Donald L. Dyer Victor A. Friedman. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

Macedonian Language and Linguistics:

(1) Browne, Wayles ‒ Asymmetrical Learnability and Decisions in Standardization: The Bulgarian and Macedonian Case (pp. 1-6)

(2) Црвенковска, Емилија ‒ Јазикот на црковнословенските записи од Македонија во времето на византиската и на османлиската империја (pp. 7-18)

(3) Dobrowski, Andrew ‒ Diachronic and Areal Aspects of Macedonian Hiatus Resolution (pp. 19-32)

(4) Fielder, Grace. E. ‒ Authenticity and the Sociolinguistics of Macedonian (pp. 33-56)

(5) Friedman, Victor A. ‒ The Balkan Linguistic League in Macedonia Today (pp. 57-64)

(6) Каранфиловски, Максим ‒ За некои функции на императивот во македонскиот jазик и во другите Словенски jазици (pp. 65-72)

(7) Kramer, Christina A., and Joseph Schallert ‒ Macedonian Riddles/Заплеткале се гатанки … (pp. 73-106)

(8) Макаријоска, Лилјана ‒ Туѓојазичните влијанија врз македонскиот лексички систем (современи состојби) (pp. 107-23)

(9) Марковиќ, Марјан  ‒ Формална и функционална анализа на заменскиот систем во охридскиот аромански говор (pp. 123-38)

(10) Petroska, Elena ‒ Grammatical and Lexical Markers of Evidentiality in Macedonian (pp. 139-52)

(11) Prendergast, Eric ‒ Pragmatic Dimensions of Macedonian Object Reduplication (pp. 153-64)

(12) Велјановска, Катерина ‒ Фраземите во јазикот на медиумите (pp. 165-70)

 Macedonian Anthropology and Modern History

(13) Graan, Andrew ‒ Nema Rabota: Korzo and Youth Unemployment in Skopje, Macedonia (pp. 173-84)

(14) Danforth, Loring M, and Riki Boeschoten ‒ The Evacuation of Refugee Children to Eastern Europe and the “Queen’s Camps” during the Greek Civil War (pp. 185-94)

(15) Dimitriou, Traian ‒ A Macedonian Chils in a Greek Technical School (pp. 195-202)

(16) Rosova, Mary ‒ From Trnaa to Toronto: The Life Story of a Dete Begalec (pp. 203-14)

(17) Nastovski, Katherine ‒ Between Nationalism and Solidarity: Assessing the KKE’s Post-Civil War Positioning of the Macedonian Question (pp. 215-45)

Macedonian Arts, Literature and Culture

(18) Јакимовска-Тошиќ, Маја ‒ Средновековниот пат на тајната книга (pp. 249-66)

(19) Георгиевска-Јаковлева, Лорета ‒ Македонскиот роман и процесите на транзиција (pp. 267-302)

(20) Капушевска-Дракулевска, Лидија ‒ Вавилонско шаренило на гласови (македонската поезија во периодот на транзиција) (pp. 303-12)

(21) Плевнеш, Jордан ‒ Три заемни средби меѓу американската театрологија и македонскиот театар (pp. 313-20

(22) Belyavski-Frank, Masha ‒ Roast Lamb and Rakija: The Theme of Food and Drink in Contemporary Macedonian Short Stories (pp. 321-40)

(23) Seraphinoff, Michael ‒ The Life and Art of Atanas Kolarovski, Master Performer and Teacher of Macedonian Folk Dance (pp. 341-48)

Zagreb Market


2013. This volume, at 283 pages, contains eight articles, three review articles and seven reviews.

Publication Information: Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Asenova, Petya, and Zlatka Guentchéva ‒ The Balkan Deictic Systems from a Typological Perspective (pp. 1-30)

(2) Coles, Felice A., and Donald L. Dyer ‒ Remarks on Moldovan Phonology and Ethnic Speech Identity (pp. 31-46)

(3) Ellis, Burcu ‒ Double-Sided Quilt: The Migration of Highly Skilled Female Albanian Professionals (pp. 47-72)

(4) Mavrogenis, Stavros, and Ilan Kelman ‒ Perceptions of Greek-Turkey Disaster Diplomacy: Europeanization and the Underdog Culture (pp.  73-104)

(5) Milojković-Djurić, Jelena ‒ Three Imperial Memoranda: Cultural Policies in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Aftermath of the Berlin Peace Treaty (pp. 105-26)

(6) Prousis, Theophilus C. ‒ Revolt, Reprisal, Russian-Ottoman Tension: A British Perspective on the Opening Round of the 1821 Eastern Crisis (pp. 127-60)

(7) Schneider, Henrique ‒ The Village and the Municipality in Political Struggle: A Case Study in Today’s Kosovo (pp. 161-82)

(8) Trommer, Jochen ‒ Albanian Word Stress (pp. 183-221)


(1) Rhinocerization as a Symbolizing Process, Marina Cap-Bun (pp. 225-40)

(2) Health, Society and the Family in the 20th Century Balkans, Lucien J. Frary (pp. 241-54)

(3) From Traditional Attire to Modern Dress: Modes of Identification, Modes of Recognition in the Balkans (XVIth-XXth Centuries) (edited by Constanţa Vintilă-Ghiţulescu),  Angela Jianu (pp. 255-61)


(1) Capcanele politice ale sociologiei interbelice: Şcoala Gustiană între carlism şi legionarism The Political Snares of Interwar Sociology. The Gusti School between Carlism and Legionarism’ (by Antonio Momoc),  Roland Clark (pp. 265-67)

(2) Lost in Transition: Ethnographies of Everyday Life after Communism (by Kristen Ghodsee), Emilian Kavalski (pp. 268-69)

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2014. This volume, at 231 pages, contains seven articles, four review articles and 11 book reviews. A special Balkanistica/SEESA publication was printed simultaneously with this volume: From Phonological Analysis at My Desk to Linguistic Activism wth Slovene in the Austrian Alps, Tom M.S. Priestly (The Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecture Series in South Slavic and Balkan Linguistics, No. 8), 2014, 65 pp.

Publication Information: Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


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2015. This volume, subtitled Од Чикаго и назад: Papers to Honor Victor A. Friedman on the Occasion of His Retirement, at an amazing 640 pages, contains 28 articles written by a veritable who’s who of scholars in the field of Balkan languages and cultures dedicated to Victor A. Friedman on the occasion of his retirement. A special Balkanistica/SEESA publication was printed simultaneously with this volume: Albanian Historic Syllabics, Eric P. Hamp (The Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecture Series in South Slavic and Balkan Linguistics, No. 9), 2015, 21 pp.

Publication Information: Co-Editors: Donald L. Dyer, Christina E. Kramer and Brian D. Joseph. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


Biography of Victor A. Friedman (pp. ix-x)

The Works of Victor A. Friedman (pp. xi-xlv)


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(28) Vakareliyska, Cynthia M. – Issues in Compiling an Edition of a Medieval Slavic Ecclesiastical Manuscript: The Dobrejšo Gospel as an Example (pp. 567-95)

Albania Header


2016. This volume, at 349 pages, contains 10 articles, one report, three review articles, 14 book reviews and one In memoriam:

Publication Information: Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published for The South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Costanzo, Angelo – On Orthographic Variation in Modern Aromanian (pp. 1-16)

(2) Dimitrova, Delyana – Conceptual Metaphor in an English and Bulgarian Version of the Tale of the Kind and the Unkind Girls (pp. 17-60)

(3) Entina, Ekaterina – 1924-2014: Turkey – Returning to the Balkans (pp. 61-84)

(4) Iepuri, Valentina – Continuing Language Conflicts in the Republic of Moldova: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel? (pp. 85-98)

(5) Ilieva, Angelina – Returning the Gaze in Milcho Manchevski’s Before the Rain (pp. 99-122)

(6) Reardon, Kristina H. – A Pocket of Resistance to Chaos: Empathetic Absurdism in International Literature on the Siege of Sarajevo (pp. 123-50)

(7) Shatro Gami, Bavjola – Albanian Literature during the Establishment of the Communist Regime (1945-1960) (pp. 151-74)

(8) Sonnenhauser, Barbara – The Balkan Manner of Narration: Narrative Functions of the l-Periphrasis in Pre-Standardized Balkan Slavic (pp. 175-216)

(9) Vujić, Jelena – Hybrid Nouns in Serbian/Croatian: Formal and Socio-Pragmatic Aspects (pp. 217-44)

(10) Zanon, Ksenia – The Elements of Camp in Black Cat, White Cat and Odessa Tales (pp. 245-62)


“To Promote Professional Study, Criticism and Research and All Aspects of Romanian Culture and Civilization”: The Society for Romanian Studies at Forty (by Paul Michelson) (pp. 263-77)


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(12) Intercultural Communication in the New Millennium Articles Based on Papers Presented at International Conferences, 2010-2012 (edited by Elena Crestianicov), Martin Henzelmann (pp. 329-31)

(13) Dialect Leveling in Haloze, Slovenia (by Grant H. Lundberg), Raymond Miller (pp. 332-35)

(14) Albania and the Balkans: Essays in Honour of Sir Reginald Hibbert (edited by James Pettifer), Alexandros Nafpliotis (pp. 336-38)


Gary H. Toops (by Donald L. Dyer) (pp. 341-49)

BALKANISTICA 30:1 (2017)

2017. Together with Balkanistica 30:2, subtitled Proceedings from the Eighth Macedonian-North American Conference on Macedonian Studies, this volume, at 214 pages, comprises the journal’s second double issue.

Publication Information: Editor: Donald L. Dyer. Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Cain, Jr., Jimmie – Bram Stoker, William Spottiswoode and Russophobia (pp. 1-20)

(2) Graham, Florence – Turkish and Islamic Terminology in Eighteenth-Century Bulgarian and Bosnian Franciscan Texts (pp. 21-36)

(3) Tsoutsoumpis, Spyros – “Political Bandits”: Nation-Building, Patronage and the Making of the Greek Deep State (pp. 37-64)

(4) Warner, Vessela – The “Other” Bulgarian Literature and Radio Free Europe in the 1960s-1970s: The Cases of Dimitar Inkyov and Georgi Markov (pp. 65-86)


(1) New Perspectives on the Muslims of Bulgaria (by Lucien J. Frary) (pp. 87-98)

(2) Scars by Blaga Dimitrova, Capriccio for Goya by Konstantin Pavlov and Frost Flowers by Alexander Shurbanov, translated by Ludmila G. Popova-Wightman (by Maria Hristova) (pp. 99-102)


(1) Armânii. Cercetări etnografice – filologice – istorice asupra poporului așa-numiților macedo-romani sau țințari. Volumul 1: țara și oameni (Gustav Weigand), Bucharest: Tractus Arte. Translation of Die Aromunen. Ethnographisch – Philologisch – Historische Untersuchungen über das volk der sogenannten makedo-romanen oder zinzaren. Erster Band: Land und Leute (Gustav Weigand). 1895. Leipzig: Johann Ambrosius Barth, Angelo Costanzo (pp. 105-07)

(2) Entangled Histories of the Balkans, Volume Three: Shared Pasts, Disputed Legacies (edited by Roumen Daskalov and Alexander Vezenkov), Lucien Frary (pp. 108-09)

(3) Bulgarien-Jahrbuch 2012 The Bulgaria Yearbook of 2012’ (edited by Sigrun Comati, Wolfgang Gesemann, Raiko Krauß and Helmut Schaller), Martin Henzelmann (pp. 110-11)

(4) Mustafa Imamović. 45 godina naučnog i publicističkog rada. Zbornik radova. Posebna izdanja. Knjiga 6 Mustafa Imamović. 45 Years of Scientific and Editorial Work. A Collection of Working Papers. Special Issue. Book 6’ (edited by Jasmin Branković, Dževad Drino, Enes Durmišević, Edin Mutapčić, Obrad Stanojević and Mirela Šarac), Martin Henzelmann (pp. 112-13)

(5) Authentizität als treibende Kraft bei der Herausbildung slavischer Mikroliteratursprachen (am Beispiel des Pomakischen und des Schlesischen) ‘Authenticity as a Motive Power in the Formation of Slavonic Microlanguages (with a View of Pomak and Silesian)’ (Martin Henzelmann), Ivan Iliev (pp. 114-17)

(6) The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe (Kristen Ghodsee), Rade Zinaić (pp. 118-20)

A comprehensive index of all 30 volumes of Balkanistica (1974-2017) (pp. 123-214)

BALKANISTICA 30:2 (2017)

2017. Together with Balkanistica 30:1, this volume, at 379 pages, comprises the journal’s second double issue and is subtitled Macedonia Past and Present: Proceedings from the Ninth Macedonian-North American Conference on Macedonian Studies.

Publication Information: Co-Editors: Donald L. Dyer, Victor A. Friedman and Marjan Markovikj. Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

(1) Belamaric Wilsey, Biljana – Online Learners of Macedonian: Profiles and Ecological Contexts (pp. 1-16)

(2) Belyavski-Frank, Masha – Symbolism of Plants, Animals, Food and Personification in Macedonian Spring Ritual Songs (pp. 17-38)

(3) Brown, Keith – Funds, Fervor and Freedom: Migration, Revolution and Macedonianism 1903-1920 (pp. 39-58)

(4) Buchanan, Donna A. – Bells, Bellmaking and Festival Practice as Entrepreneurial Heritage and Markers of Place in Pirin-Macedonia, Bulgaria (pp. 59-84)

(5) Fielder, Grace – Bible Translation as a Linguistic Act of Identity (pp. 85-101)

(6) Friedman, Victor A. – The Linguistic Politics of East and West: Lazar Kolishevski and the Standardization of Macedonia (pp. 101-07)

(7) Jakimovska-Tošikj, Maja – Женскиот принцип во библискиот и во раскажувачкиот корпус на средновековната македонска литература (pp. 107-22)

(8) Jovanovna-Grujovska, Elena – Јазичниот дискурс на новинарите во македонските медиуми (pp. 123-36)

(9) Kramer, Christina E. – Postcards from the Front, Skopje 1918 (pp. 137-48)

(10) Lazarevska-Stancevska, Jovanka – How to Teach up to Students of English (pp. 149-66)

(11) Manchevski, Milcho – Notes on Representation of the Public Reception of My Work (pp. 167-75)

(12) Markovikj, Marjan – Околу реструктуирањето на глаголскиот систем во македонскиот јазик (во балкански контекст) pp. (175-87)

(13) Martinovski, Vladimir – Акорди на интермедијалноста: Музчките инструменти во современата македонска поезијa (pp. 187-98)

(14) Petroska, Elena – Демек as a Pragmatic Marker in Macedonian (pp. 199-210)

(15) Pompeani, Katherine M. – Authenticity, Continuity, and Antiquity: “Skopje 2014” (pp. 211-32)

(16) Ransohoff, Jake – An Empire “Between Three Seas”? Mapping Late Medieval Bulgaria at Its Territorial Apogee (pp. 233-56)

(17) Rudin, Catherine – Indefinite and Universal Wh-Clauses in Macedonian (pp. 257-78)

(18) Sawicka, Irena – Phonetic Convergence among Macedonian, Greek and Albanian Dialects (pp. 279-86)

(19) Sazdov, Simon – За некои концептуални метафори според кои (не) се живее во македониja (pp. 287-94)

(20) Schallert, Joseph – Conev’s Macedonians: The Aegean Macedonian Emigree Dialect of Derekjoj/Voden in Southeastern Bulgaria (pp. 295-320)

(21) Seraphinoff, Michael – The Changing Canon of Macedon Literature as Exemplified by the Prescribed List of Authors of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (pp. 321-32)

(22) Snively, Carolyn S. – Late Antique Dardania: A Moveable Province? (pp. 333-38)

(23) Stojanovikj, Lidija – Симболизмот на ТИЕСТ и МОЛОХ во македонската култура (pp. 339-50)

(24) Тофоска, Станислава-Сташа – Функцијата на префиксите во определуванје на аспектот на глаголите во македонскиот јазик (pp. 351-73)

(25) Veleva, Slavica – Изведенките добиени преку фразеолошка мотивација во македонскиот јазик (pp. 374-79)



2018. This volume, at 164 pages, contains five articles, one translation, three review articles and six book reviews.

Publication Information: Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Andrijašević, Živko, and Maja Baćović – The Economic Transformation of Montenegro after the Berlin Congress: An Example of the Economic Transition of a Balkan Society at the End of 19th Century (pp. 1-20)

(2) Christiansen, Thomas, Monica Genesin and Joachim Matzinger – Metaphors and Metaphorical Expressions Regarding Body Parts in Two Ancient Balkan Law Collections: The Kanuni i Skënderbeut and the Zakonik Cara Stefana Dušana (pp. 21-48)

(3) Constanzo, Angelo – Cavalioti’s Πρωτοπειρία, Aromanian Verbal Morphology, and Making the Best Out of “Bad” Data (pp. 49-66)

(4) England, Ania – The Camp Side of Marshal Josip Broz Tito (pp. 67-92)

(5) Iepuri, Valentina – îmblu or umblu: Remarks on Variation of Pronunciation in the Moldovan Dialect of Romanian (pp. 93-112)


Scenes from Jewish Life on the Belgrade Strand – McKinzey Manes (pp. 113-25)


(1) Mirroring Europe. Ideas of Europe and Europeanisation in Balkan Societies (edited by Tanja Petrović), Martin Henzelmann (pp. 127-31)

(2) Reaching and Crossing the Vanishing Point: The Vanishing Point That Whistles: An Anthology of Contemporary Romanian Poetry (edited by Paul Doru Mugur, Adam J. Sorkin and Claudia Serea), Bavjola Shatro (pp. 133-38)

(3) Aesthetics and Ethics on the Battlefield of (Balkan) Literature: Writing the Yugoslav Wars: Literature, Postmodernism, and the Ethics of Representation (written by Dragana Obradović), Bavjola Shatro (pp. 139-46)


(1) Entangled Histories of the Balkans Volume Four: Concepts, Approaches, and (Self-)Representations (edited by Roumen Daskalov, Diana Mishkova, Tchavdar Marinov and Alexander Vezenkov), Evguenia Davidova (pp. 149-52)

(2) Balkanskaja kartina mira sub specie pjati čelovečeskix čuvst. Tezisy i materialy. 26-27 marta 2013 goda. Balkanskie čtenija 12 ‘The Balkan Worldview Perceived by the Five Human Senses. 26th-27th of March, 2013. The Balkan Lectures 12ʼ (edited by M.M. Makarcev, I.A. Sedakova and T.V. Civʼjan), Martin Henzelmann (pp. 153-54)

(3) Silvae Bulgaricae. Vorträge vom 6. November 2009 anlässlich des 80. Geburtstages von Dr. Horst Röhling. Bulgarische Bibliothek, Neue Folge, 16 ʽSilvae Bulgaricae. Papers from November 6, 2009 Dedicated to Dr. Horst Röhling’s 80th Birthday. Bulgarian Library, New Edition, 16ʼ (edited by Helmut Schaller and Rumjana Zlatanova), Martin Henzelmann (pp. 155-56)

(4) Islam in Bosnien-Herzegowina und die Netzwerke der Jungmuslime (1918-1983). Balkanologische Veröffentlichungen. Geschichte, Gesellschaft und Kultur in Südosteuropa. Band 54 ʽIslam in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Networks of the Young Muslims (1918-1983). Balkan Publications. History, Society and Culture in Southeastern Europe. Volume 54 (A. Omerika), Martin Henzelmann (pp. 157-58)

(5) Greek Americans in Cleveland since 1870 (Themistocles Rodis and Manuel Vasilakes), John Polemikos (pp. 159-61)

(6) Verb Movement and Clause Structure in Old Romanian (edited by Virginia Hill and Gabriela Alboiu), Christopher D. Sapp (pp. 162-64)

BALKANISTICA 32:1 (The Current State of Balkan Linguistics: Celebrating Twenty Years of the Kenneth E. Naylor Lectures) (2019)

2019. This volume, at 433 pages, contains articles written by most of the first twenty Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecturers in Balkan and South Slavic Linguistics as part of a 20-year celebration of the lectures dedicated to the scholar.

Publication Information: Co-Editors: Donald L. Dyer, Brian Joseph and Mary-Allen Johnson. Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.

Песна за црниот брат – Блаже Конески


(1) Friedman,Victor A. – Turkisms in the Macedonian “Bombs” of 2015: On Language as Flag in the Balkans in the 21st Century (pp. 1-16)

(2) Alexander, Ronelle – Approaches to Dialect Diversity (pp. 17-36)

(3) Browne, Wayles – Language Names in South Slavic Languages (pp. 37-54)

(4) Aronson, Howard I. – Reminiscences on the Balkan Scene (pp. 44-60)

(5) Kramer, Christina E. – Reimagining the Linguascape of Skopje (pp. 61-76)

(6) Topolińska, Zuzanna – Grammaticalization Processes in a Multilingual Environment from a Slavic Perspective (pp. 77-84)

(7) Lehiste, Ilse – Word Tone and Melody Direction in a Sung Serbian Ballad (pp. 85-92)

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BALKANISTICA 32:2 (ЧЕКАJ: Papers for Christina E. Kramer on the Occasion of Her Retirement) (2019)

2019. This volume, at 318 pages, contain 19 articles on Balkan and South Slavic linguistics and literature, language pedagogy and language policy dedicated to the scholar Christina E. Kramer on the occasion of her retirement from the University of Toronto.

Publication Information: Co-Editors: Donald L. Dyer and Jane Hacking. Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


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(19) Тополињска, Зузана – Од Кујна за на Маса … (pp. 315-18)

Zagreb Header

BALKANISTICA 33, with a Special Section Dedicated to Grace E. Fielder (2020)

2020. With a special section dedicated to Grace E. Fielder on the occasion of her retirement from the University of Arizona, this volume’s 326 pages contain 13 articles, two review articles, seven book reviews, and an In Memoriam, as well as Dr. Fielder’s biography and list of publications.

Publication Information: Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


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In Memoriam: Eric Pratt Hamp (November 16, 1920-February 17, 2019) – Victor A. Friedman (pp. 185-96)


A Biography of Grace E. Fielder (pp. 199-200)

Publications of Grace E. Fielder (pp. 201-09)


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– 2021. This volume’s 271 pages contain nine articles, two review articles, three book reviews, and an In Memoriam.

Publication Information: Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


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In Memoriam: Dorin Uriţescu – Donald L. Dyer and Gabriela Uritescu (pp. 229-48)

Romanian and Slavic in Contact – Dorin Uriţescu and Donald L. Dyer (pp. 249-70)


– 2022. This volume, at 315 pages, contains eight articles, four review articles and four book reviews.

Publication Information: Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


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(4) Sectarianism and Renewal in 1920s Romania: The Limits of Orthodoxy and Nation-Building (written by Roland Clark), Lavinia Stan (pp. 313-15)


– 2023. This volume, at 275 pages, contains seven articles, three of which are retrospectives on the history of Balkanistica, one review article and two book reviews. A new volume in the SEESA/Balkanistica series was distributed together with this volume: Reimagining the Balkans and Widening the Bund: Does Moldova Belong? (Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecture Series in South Slavic and Balkan Linguistics, No. 12), by Donald L . Dyer (2022. Oxford, MS: University of Mississippi Printing Services). Several other of these publications (Nos. 7, 10 and 11) are expected to be published and distributed simultaneously with volumes of Balkanistica over the next two years.

Publication Information: Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by The University of Mississippi Printing Services of Oxford, Mississippi.


(1) Friedman, Victor A. – Balkanistica: The Early Years (pp. 1-8)

(2) Dyer, Donald L. – Tales from the Script: Balkanistica at (Almost) 50! (pp. 9-44)

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(2) The European Commission of the Danube, 1856-1948 (written by Constantin Ardeleanu), Lucien Frary (271-74)

BALKANISTICA 37 (2024): Language, Performance and Persistence

2024. The volume is subtitled Proceedings from the Eleventh Macedonian-North American Conference on Macedonian Studies and will feature papers from the conference held at Arizona State University, November 4-7, 2022, in Tempe, Arizona. The volume is co-edited by Keith Brown, Donald Dyer and Marjan Markovikj. The volume is currently being printed and will be available for distribution in April of 2024.

Publication Information: Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by IMEC of Memphis, Tennessee.


(1) Chivarzina, Alexandra – Motley “Motley” Terms for Multicolored in the Balkans

(2) Дучевска, Анета,  и Бобан Карапејовски – Демонстративите во “Бомбите”: Од единици на референцијата до партикули

(3) Friedman, Victor A. – Velat Ščo Sme Gărtsi, Ama ne Sme: Transnational Voices from Visheni

(4) Grunche-Tine, Irena,  and Scott Jarvis – Language Attrition in Macedonian L2 Learners of English Living in an L1 Setting

(5)  Јакимовска-Тошиќ, Маја Идејата за хуманизмот во лавиринтот на историјата

(6) Hollimon, Taylor The Reinvention and Location of Identity Across Unstable “Homelands”  in Luan Starova’s Father’s Books

(7) Labroska, Veselinka,  and Irena Sawicka – The Origin of the Suffix –че in Macedonian

(8) Марковиќ, Марјан – Македонските дијалекти и еволуцијата на современиот македонски јазик

(9) Neofotistos, Vasiliki P. – An Interview with Milcho Manchevski

(10) Plevnes, Jordan – The Macedonian and International Theatrical Prayer for the Great American Theatrologist Robert Corrigan (1927-1993)

(11) Roberson, Heather – In and Out of Darkness: The Past, Present and Possible Future of the Museum of Macedonian Struggle in Skopje, North Macedonia

(12) Šipka, Danko – Macedonian Dialectal Vocabulary


2025. This volume is currently being assembled. The volume will consist of independently submitted articles, review articles and book reviews as well as other pieces.

Publication Information: Published for the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) by IMEC of Memphis, Tennessee.


(1) Commissions and Activities of the Lausanne Peace Conference – Mücahit Bektaş

(2) The Macedonian Front: An Artist-Soldier’s Experience of War – Andreas Bouroutis

(3) Determinants of Banking Sector Profitability in Western Balkan Countries – Milijana Novović Burić, Ljiljana Kascelan, Vladimir Kascelan and Ana Lalević Filipović

(4) The Armenian Genocide in the British and American Press during WWI (1914-18) – Emmanouil Georgalis

(5) Serbian Police Violence against Kosovo Albanian Students during the Protest of October 1, 1997 – Oktaj Hasani and Arjan Janova

(6) The Role of the Constitutional Court in Protecting the Legitimacy of Institutions—The Case of Kosovo – Melos Kolshi


The Hellenist: The Life and Times of John A. Nicolopoulos – Roger T. Conant


(1) Geopolitical Rivalries in the “Common Neighborhood”: Russia’s Conflict with the West, Soft Power, and Neoclassical Realism (edited by Vasif Huseynov), Georgeta Connor

(2) History of the Adriatic: A Sea and Its Civilization (written by Egidio Ivetic), Lucien Frary