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Department of Modern Languages
The University of Mississippi

Kaoru Ochiai, Ph.D.

Croft Instructional Associate Professor of Japanese

Office: Croft 217
Phone: 662-915-3772

Ph.D. in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), The University of Mississippi (2008)
M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), The University of Mississippi (2002)
B.A. in English languages and literature, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo (1999)

Teaching and Research Interests:
Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, Methodological Study, Japanese Intonation and Accent

Courses Taught:
JAPN101: Elementary Japanese I
JAPN102 Elementary Japanese II
JAPN103: Practical Review: Elementary Japanese I
JAPN104: Practical Review: Elementary Japanese II
JAPN201: Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN202: Intermediate Japanese II
JAPN203: Practical Review: Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN204: Practical Review: Intermediate Japanese II
JAPN301: Conversation and Composition I
JAPN302: Conversation and Composition II
JAPN401: Advanced Japanese I
JAPN402: Advanced Japanese II
JAPN499: Advanced Topics in Japanese
JAPN501: Contemporary Japanese

Kaoru Ochiai. (2008). Impression Management by American Learners of Japanese: Does the level of self-enhancement cause mis-presentation of ‘self’? Doctoral Dissertation, The University of Mississippi. (Publication number AAT3361194).

Kaoru Ochiai. (2003). “Different Perceptions of Politeness and Use of Language in Making Requests between Japanese and Americans.” Mississippi Language Crusader. Vol. 41, 12-26.

Professional Activities:

  • President (2014-current), South Central Association of Teachers of Japanese (SCATJ)
  • Member, Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ)

Web Resources:
Japanese Program
Croft Institute for International Studies