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Department of Modern Languages
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Romance Monographs

On January 1, 1992, the Department of Modern Languages of the University of Mississippi acquired the distinguished book series Romance Monographs and will continue to pursue its original goals in the field of academic publishing.

Romance Monographs was founded in 1971 by Professor Urban Tigner Holmes of the University of North Carolina as a private corporation devoted to scholarly publishing in the various Romance languages and literatures. Professor Holmes created the series to counter the growing trend among university presses toward selection of manuscripts based on sales potential rather than quality of scholarship or contribution to the discipline. The format of the University of North Carolina Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures series served as a model for this new publishing venture.

The first title in the series appeared in 1972. During its years of existence Romance Monographs has issued a total of SIXTY-EIGHT volumes plus reprints of two works originally published by other presses and six “special volumes.” A new volume (RM 68) was published last year and is now available. Although most of the volumes deal with French or Hispanic literature, studies are also available on Italian, Portuguese and Romanian topics. Authors in the series include well known, established scholars in the Romance languages as well as younger professors just beginning their careers.



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Dorothy M. DiOrio, Leconte de Lisle: A Hundred and Twenty Years of Criticism [l850-1970], 1972. 272 pages. $24.00 $30.00
M2 Joan McConnell, A Vocabulary Analysis of Gadda’s Pasticciaccio, 1973. 194 pages. $19.00 $24.00
M3 Raymond J. Cormier, One Heart One Mind: The Rebirth of Virgil’s Hero in Medieval French Romance, 1973. 286 pages. $28.00
M4 Harry F. Williams and Mireille G. Guillet-Rydell, trans., Flore et Blanchefleur, 1973. 113 pages $14.00 $20.00
M5 Dorothy C. Clarke, Juan de Mena’s Laberinto de Fortuna: Classic Epic and Mester de Clerecía, 1973. 128 pages $15.00 $22.00
M6 William W. Johnson, The Poema de José: A Transcription and Comparison of the Extant Manuscripts, 1974. 134 pages $17.00 $22.00
M7 Kathryn Day Wyatt, Unanimistic Imagery in Twentieth Century French Literature, 1974. 210 pages $21.00 $26.00
M8 James A. Anderson, Encina and Virgil, 1974. 84 pages $13.00 $15.00
M9 Nathaniel Wing, Present Appearances: Aspects of Poetic Structure in Rimbaud’s Illuminations, 1974. 172 pages $19.00
M10 Catherine A. Maley, The Pronouns of Address in Modern Standard French, 1974. 123 pages $17.00 $22.00
M11 Margaret M. Boland, Cleomadés: A Study in Architectonic Patterns, 1975. 131 pages $17.00 $22.00
M12 Grace Campbell, La Synphore dans “La Jeune Parque” de Paul Valéry, 1975. 65 pages $13.00
M13 Hugh W. Kennedy, Lope de Vega’s La desdichada Estefanía: A Critical, Annotated Edition of the Autograph Manuscript, 1975. 265 pages $31.00
M14 Patricia M. Gathercole, Tension in Boccaccio: Boccaccio and the Fine Arts, 1975. 113 pages with illustrations $22.00
M15 Philip H. Solomon. The Life After Birth: Imagery in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy, 1975. 155 pages $24.00
M16 Alfred G. Engstrom, Darkness and Light: Lectures on Baudelaire, Flaubert, Nerval, Huysmans, Racine, and Time and Its Images in Literature, 1975. 151 pages $22.00
M17 Margaret O. Bender, Le Torneiment Anticrist by Huon de Meri: A Critical Edition, 1976. 165 pages $24.00
M18 Rodolfo Usigli, Mexico in the Theater, trans., by Wilder P. Scott, 1978. 220 pages $29.00
M19 Ralph Albanese, Jr., Le Dynamisme de la peur chez Molière: une analyse socio-culturelle de Dom Juan, Tartuffe, et L’Ecole des femmes, 1976. 211 pages $26.00
M20 Ruth B. Paine, Thematic Analysis of François Mauriac’s Génitrix, Le Désert de l’amour, and Le Noeud de vipères, 1976. 191 pages $26.00
M21 Robert L. Mitchell, The Poetic Voice of Charles Cros: A Centennial Study of His Songs, 1976. 186 pages $26.00
M22 Milorad R. Margitić, Essai sur la mythologie du Cid, 1976. 255 pages $30.00
M23 Albert B. Smith, Théophile Gautier and the Fantastic, 1977. 149 pages $22.00
M24 Kester Branford, A Study of Jean-Jacques Bernard’s Théâtre de L’Inexprimé, 1977. 245 pages $30.00
M25 D. Hampton Morris, Stéphane Mallarmé—Twentieth Century Criticism [1901-1971], 1977. 208 pages. OUT OF PRINT
M26 James Maharg, A Call to Authenticity: The Essays of Ezequiel Martínez Estrada, 1977. 203 pages $26.00
M27 John J. Michalczyk, André Malraux’s Espoir: The Propaganda/Art Film and the Spanish Civil War, 1977. 185 pages with illustrations $25.00
M28 William J. Cloonan, Racine’s Theatre: The Politics of Love, 1977. 149 pages. OUT OF PRINT.
M29 John Austin Kerr, Jr., Miguéis-To the Seventh Decade, 1977. 184 pages $25.00
M30 Jane Tucker Mitchell, A Thematic Analysis of Mme. D’Aulnoy’s Contes de Fées, 1978. 163 pages $24.00
M31 Robert White Linker, A Bibliography of Old French Lyrics, 1979. 401 pages $52.00
M32 Dorothy F. Jones, Jean de Campistron: A Study of His Life and Work, 1979. 235 pages $29.00
M33 Mary Louise Gude, Le Page disgracié: The Text as Confession, 1979. 169 pages $24.00
M34 Claire Gilbert, Nerval’s Double: A Structural Study, 1979. 199 pages $26.00
M35 Mildred S. Greene, trans., Madame de Lafayette: The Princess of Clèves, 1979. 177 pages. OUT OF PRINT.
M36 Esther C. Quinn, The Penitence of Adam, 1980. 189 pages $25.00
M37 John B. Romeiser, Critical Reception of André Malraux’s L’Espoir in the French Press: December 1937-June 1940, 1980. 175 pages $24.00
M38 Daniel Rangel-Guerrero, Gil Vicente. Comedia sobre a divisa da cidade de Coimbra, con una introducción y notas, 1980. 82 pages $15.00
M39 Lance K. Donaldson-Evans, Love’s Fatal Glance: A Study of Eye Imagery in the Poets of the Ecole Lyonnaise, 1981. 155 pages $24.00
M40 Manuel Márquez-Sterling, Fernán González, First Count of Castile: The Man and the Legend, 1981. 155 pages, with illustrations, photographs, and maps. $24.00
M41 Judith D. Suther, Essays on Camus’s Exile and the Kingdom, 1982. 329 pages $35.00
M42 Douglas G. Creighton, Jacques-François DeLuc of Geneva and His Friendship with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1983. 127 pages $22.00
M43 Priscilla D. Pearsall, An Art Alienated from Itself: Studies in Spanish American Modernism, 1984. 103 pages $19.00
M44 Patricia M. Lawlor, Le Fonctionnement de la métaphor dans Les Chants de Maldoror, 1984. 174 pages $23.00
M45 Mary Coker Joslin, The Heard Word: A Moralized History. The Genesis Section of the Histoire ancienne in a Text from Saint-Jean d’Acre, 1986. 357 pages $52.00
M46 Joan L. Brown, Secrets from the Back Room: The Fiction of Carmen Martín Gaite, 1987. 206 pages $33.00
M47 Richard J. Golsan, Service inutile: A Study of the Tragic in the Theatre of Henry de Montherlant, 1988. 132 pages $24.00
M48 D. Hampton Morris, Stéphane Mallarmé—Twentieth Century Criticism [1972-1979], 1989. 97 pages $22.00
M49 Susan W. Fusco, Syntactic Structure in Rimbaud ‘s Illuminations: A Stylistic Approach of Form in Prose Poetry, 1990. 177 pages. OUT OF PRINT $28.00
M50 Grace Z. Kalay, The Theme of Childhood in Elsa Morante, 1996, 122 pages $25.00
M51 Carl W. Cobb trans., Songs and Sonnets of Love Still Innocent: A Representative Anthology of the Poetry of Gerardo Diego, 1997, 323 pages $40.00
M52 Jay Corwin, La transposición de fuentes indígena en Cien años de soledad, 1997, 93 pages $20.00
M53 John R. Rosenberg, The Black Butterfly: Concepts of Spanish Romanticism, 1998. 180 pages $28.00
M54 Michael Handelsman, Lo afro y la plurinacionalidad: el caso ecuatoriano visto desde su literatura, 1999. 214 pages $29.00
M55 Ray M. Keck, Love’s Dialectic: Mimesis and Allegory in the Romances of Lope de Vega, 2000. 202 pages. OUT OF PRINT
M56 Anne Fountain, Versos sencillos by Jose Marti: A Translation, 2000. 141 pages. OUT OF PRINT
M57 Sylvia Sherno, Weaving the World: The Poetry of Gloria Fuertes, 2001. 264 pages $40.00
M58 John M. Kinsella, Tradición, Modernidad y Silencio: El Mundo Creativo de Martin Adan, 2001. 110 pages $25.00
M59 Merlin H. Forster, The Committed Word: Studies in Spanish American Poetry, 2002. 199 pages $33.00
M60 Aida L. Heredia, La representación del haitiano en las letras dominicanas, 2003. 149 pages $24.00
M61 Thomas Ward, La teoria literaria: Romanticismo, krausismo y modernismo ante la globalización industrial, 2004. 178 pages $35.00
M62 Merlin H. Forster, Many Stages: Essays in Latin American Drama, 2004. 112 pages $25.00
M63 Marius Sala, From Latin to Romanian: The Historical Development of Romanian in a Comparative Romance Context, 2005. 168 pages $35.00
M64 Merlin H. Forster and David Laraway, Árbol de imágenes: Nueva historia de la poesía hispanoamericana, 2007. 341 pages $35.00
M65 Iulia Pittman, The Romanian Accent in English, 2008. 135 pages $25.00
M66 Robert Matthew Patrick, Four Comic Liars: Juan Ruiz de Alarcón’s La verdad sospechosa and its French successors, 2011. 137 pages $30.00
M67 Dorin Uritescu, Formel et naturel dans l’evolution phonologique et morphophonologique. Essais de linguistique générale et romane, 2011. 330 pages $40.00
M68 Jorge Camacho, Representaciones del mal: brujos y ñáñigos en Cuba, 2021. 287 pages $35.00
R1 W. Foerster and E. Koschwitz, Altfranzösisches Übungsbuch, sechste auflage, 1973. 326 columns + 2 ms. reproductions $13.00
R2 John Esten Keller, ed., El libro de los engaños, 1983. 88 pages $9.00
S1 Emil Vrabie, An English-Aromanian (Macedo-Romanian) Dictionary, 2000 (UNAVAILABLE from RM. Click here for info on ordering.) N/A
S2 Felice A. Coles (ed.), In Memory of Richard B. Klein: Essays in Contemporary Philology, 2005. 280 pages $40.00
S3 Mark Groundland (ed.), Aquí se imprimen libros: Cervantine Studies in Honor of Tom Lathrop, 2008. 152 pages $35.00
S4 Melvin S. Arrington, Jr. (ed.), The Christopher Longest Lectures, 1961-1970, 2008. 112 pages $25.00
S5 Philip E. Bennett, Leslie Zarker Morgan and F. Regina Psaki (eds), The Epic Imagination in Medieval Literature: Essays in Honor of Alice M. Colby-Hall. 2016. 315 pages $50.00
S6 Valerio Cappozzo (ed.), Storia e storiografia di Carlo Michelstaedter. 2017. XV, 253 pages. OUT OF PRINT $35.00

Price Information: SINGLE ORDERS: Full price as published on current price list plus postage.

QUANTITY ORDERS for booksellers: Multiple copies (two or more copies) of a single title or single copies of multiple titles under single billing billed at 20% discount plus postage, net 60 days.

STANDING ORDERS for libraries and booksellers: Copy of each title shipped upon publication – billed at 20% discount plus postage. Net 60 days.

Postage and handling: First book $5.00 domestically and $25 for international orders; add $2.00 for each additional book. Subject to change without notice.


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