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Department of Modern Languages
The University of Mississippi

Student of German Learns Law & Language During Summer Internship


Savannah Whittemore visits the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin while interning in Germany with the German American Exchange program

Savannah Whittemore spent her summer like many other law school students across the country: interning for a law firm. But Whittemore’s internship was different, perhaps even life-changing, because of its location.

The third-year law student at the University of Mississippi spent her summer in Germany working for Meissner Bolte, an intellectual property firm, as part of the German American Exchange program.

Whittemore, of Grenada, is the first Ole Miss student accepted into the highly competitive program that matches U.S. students with three-month paid internships abroad.

Working overseas provided were many memorable experiences, but one that sticks out took place back on native soil, Whittemore said.

“I wrote a client cease-and-desist letter for an intellectual property firm,” Whittemore said. “The letter is sent to a competitor that was infringing upon your patent.

“When I was on my way home, I was in the Atlanta airport, (and) they emailed me saying they used my letter without any edits. I felt like I did something right.”

German American Exchange aims to give students necessary skills to excel in the international job market by engaging in cross-cultural experiences while gaining professional experience.

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