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Department of Modern Languages
The University of Mississippi

Veronica Menaldi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of SpanishVeronica Menaldi

Office: Howry 210
Phone: (662) 915-1458

Ph.D. in Hispanic Literatures/Cultures & Medieval Studies Minor, University of Minnesota (2018)
M.A. in Hispanic Literatures/Cultures, University of Minnesota (2014)
B.A. in Honors Romance Languages/Literatures (Spanish/French) & LSA Music Minor, University of Michigan (2012)

Teaching and Research Interests:
Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Literature, Cultural Contact in Medieval Iberia, Literary Theory and Cultural Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Occult Studies

Courses Taught:
Span 321: Spanish Culture
Span 322: Latin American Culture
Span 331: Introduction to Literature
Span 393: Cultural Studies—Food Across the Ages in Hispanic Words
Span 577: Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature
Span 579: Colonial Literature
Span 593: Cultural Studies— Muslims and Islamic Thought in Premodern Iberia
Span 599: Special Topics—Premodern Iberian Magic

Recent Publications:


Love Magic and Control in Premodern Iberian Literature. Routledge, July 2021.

Articles & Chapters

Love as Magic: A Medievalism Reading of the Harry Potter Series in Light of New Study on Iberian Love Magic.” Ars Magica: The Societas Magica Blog. July 2021.

“Enchanting Go-Betweens: Mediated Love Magic in the Libro de buen amor and Iberian Grimoires,A New Companion to the Libro de buen amor. Edited by Ryan D. Giles and José Manuel Hidalgo, Brill, 2021, pp. 75-88.

“Transformative Translations: Morisco Manipulations in Aljamiado Transliteration of París y VianaLa corónica: A Journal of Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, vol. 48, no. 2, 2020, pp. 153-179.

“Magical Morsels: Food in Morisco Aljamiado Incantations,”Forging Communities: Food and Representation in Medieval and Early Modern Southwestern Europe. Edited by Monserrat Pierra, Fayetteville: The University of Arkansas Press. Food and Foodways. 2018. 69-81.

“Miracles and Magic: Necromantic Practices Found in Cantiga 125,” Magic and Magicians in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Time. The Occult in Premodern Sciences, Medicine, Literature, Religion, and Astrology. Edited by Albrecht Classen, vol. 20. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture. 2017. 421-435. 

“One Grimoire, Many Cultures: A Study of Language Use and Cross-Cultural Contact in a 16th Century Aljamiado Manuscript,” Mélanges Abdejelil Temini: En homage à l’oeuvre réalisée en moriscologie. Edited by Luce López Baralt and Ridha Mami, vol. 64. Tunis: Centre d’Etudes et de Traduction Morisques, 2017. 351-384.

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