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Department of Modern Languages
The University of Mississippi

Apply for RA Positions in the SoCIOLing Lab

Are you interested in learning more about Spanish, bilingualism and linguistic variation? Do you want to gain hands-on research experience and analytical skills that can help you in your future career? If so, consider joining the SoCIOLing Lab as a Research Assistant!

SoCIOLing Lab: The Study oCommunities, Involvement & Outreach and Linguistics (SoCIOLing) Laboratory was established in 2013. The Lab is now housed by the Department of Modern Languages at Ole Miss. The SoCIOLing Lab aims to form a research collaboration which embraces the needs, goals, and outcomes of diverse language communities, with particular emphasis on the growing Hispanic population in the southeastern United States.

Position requirements: While knowledge of Spanish and prior linguistic analysis/training is a benefit, it is not required to be an RA. In general, RAs will first become certified to conduct research as responsible members of the community (CITI Training) and work on supervised analysis of language data for a minimum of 5 hours per week (done remotely for now, via Zoom and online computer applications). Positions are also open for students working on data extraction techniques (language programming, corpus linguistics, Python, R) as well as statistical analysis (R, SPSS, etc.) and graphic design / website maintenance. This is a non-paid position, although, some university credit toward your degree may be possible (*speak to Dr. Fafulas and your advisor/program director to explore this option before agreeing to the position!).

If interested, please, contact:

Stephen Fafulas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Department of Modern Languages
Director of SoCIOLing Lab